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Checklist before Buying Residential Flats In Kolkata

Investments associated with the property are never a smooth transaction. It engages not only lots of paperwork but also knowledge on understanding the necessities or amenities of residential property prior to signing the deal. Buying flats in Kolkata whether you are looking for 1, 2, or 3 BHK flats is no more a long going procedure as these days you can easily find a number of residential flats in Kolkata. However, since everyone has a different choice and different budget, in-depth analysis with the help of knowledge, a person can prove beneficial to the investment.

Buying a house means a lifelong decision, and therefore you undeniably would never want to make a single mistake. But wait, if you are new to the city or have never taken such a huge decision in your life, consider having a look at some of these points to comprehend the fundamentals of a property. Moreover, since buying a home requires a huge amount, some people opt for loans and therefore having prior knowledge regarding the budget can prove beneficial for the buyers.

Let us know have a look at the major parameters to check prior to purchasing a new flat.

Keep A Fixed Budget:

Since this is a complicated endeavor, the primary step being a first-time buyer needs to be keeping a steady budget. When you fix a budget, the short listing becomes much easier as you already know how much can you afford. Once you start searching for residential flats, you will get a lot of options and therefore don’t forget asking for the quotation from different builders. However, with the many online portals now you can compare yourself and select a house.

Smart Tip: Consider booking a residential flat from the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, as it might offer some discounts. Once a project is done, depending on the demand, sometimes there are fluctuations in the price, therefore when you book at a very initial stage; you can stay assured to pay extra irrespective of its higher demand. 

Carpet Area of the Flat:

When you are provided with a lot of options, your next search should be the carpet area of the flat. You should know when you find a super-built flat, it includes elevator area, stairs, and other public areas, and therefore eventually the carpet area reduces to a massive extent. Just by watching or hearing from someone that the flat is 1400sq.ft, opting for the flat can be regret for the lifetime. Always consider asking the carpet area as this is what you will be actually using. Also, once you have known the carpet area, consider asking the cost of per sq.ft and the multiply with the total carpet area. This will give you an idea of whether you are paying for what you are using or extra.

Build Quality:

Once the initial process of choosing the property is made, your next search should be the build quality. Always know that this is a lifetime possession, and not everyone can buy a house at a frequent interval. This is the reason why understanding the quality is a necessity in case of several hazards that might come upon it. Check the cement quality, the paint used or the type of lighting and everything. The more you will check in detail, the least you will have any confusion.

Moreover, it becomes an added benefit if you have an expert beside you who have the knowledge about the property.

Read The Agreement In Details:

As mentioned above, the maze of paperwork is actually tiring, but then again, it is a necessity. Once the deal is done, you will be provided with an agreement along with a blueprint. It is highly recommended to read the agreement in detail as it includes all the information. In case you feel some information have not been added, consider consulting with the builder or the agent with whom you are working. In case of any doubts, ask the person responsible and whether it is apt for you because once you sign it, you have no more the authority to raise questions upon getting flat.

Check for the Amenities:

These days the residential projects in Kolkata are built with a lot of planning. Not only the emphasize should be given to making life easier for buyers, but also builders are providing more focus on building environment-friendly projects. When mentioned amenities, make sure that the complex has everything that is required by someone on a daily basis and in case of stand along flat, consider checking for garage, security, lift service and much more. You should keep in mind that all of these will be included in the agreement itself, which is why understanding is the key prior to signing the deal.

Additional and Hidden Charges:

While buying a flat, you require checking whether there are any hidden charges are not. As there are several situations where you might be confronted into a situation when in a rush you need to provide an amount just to get the deal sanctioned. Make sure that there are no such things upcoming also no additional cost like GST, registration charges, stamp duty or home loan processing fee. Make sure by reading the details that there are no hidden charges associated with the residential flat.

Hopefully, with the above-mentioned information, no more it will be harassment for the buyers when it comes to buying a residential flat. However, with the many new projects in Kolkata like Lakewood estate, you can stay assured of getting property just the way you want and within your budget.

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