Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What does your heart says? Are you listening to it? Is it healthy?

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. Once your heart stops working, your life will be over right away. What type of precautions are you taking with your heart? Do you have pain or discomfort with your heart occasionally and you are simply neglecting it? Come on, you need to see a doctor in the best heart hospital in India so that if there is any problem it gets diagnosed in time.

See cardiologists

General cardiologists are doctors that focus on the heart. In case you are at danger for heart ailment, a routine check-up with such a specialized doctor or physician can help you to be on top of the heart health! After all, you can just take a step for a healthier heart. The sooner you take any action, the better it would turn out to be for your heart. In case you are making up your plan to go to a heart surgeon then keep the following points in mind:

A primary care physician has referred you for a check up to a cardiologist

No matter your family doctor has seen a red flag in the test and feels as though you must have your heart checked a little more prudently by a heart specialist. Or it might be that your personal or family history allows an exam by a physician who focuses on the heart. In case your primary care physician or general doctor is sending you to a cardiologist, you have to make an appointment right there. There is no need to give any type of excuses you cannot take any chance with this. Any type of procrastination can hamper your health and life.

What is your family history?

It is time that you do some sort of digging and charts your family tree and asks questions associated with your family members about their health history. Remember that heart illness can have a firm genetic component. If you are witnessing a pattern of heart ailment, such as cholesterol and that of high blood pressure, you have to take action and get it checked by a heart specialist. Often people who have a family history in heart problems mostly end up having themselves.  So, you have to be proactive if your family has any germs of heart ailments.

What is your blood pressure- does it stay high?

Regular blood pressures checks must be performed from age twenty on up. In case you are experiencing a trend and your blood pressure is creeping up, or perhaps it is just plain old high, it is imperative that you drag it under control. A cardiologist can help you in controlling your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a huge risk factor for both heart illness and stroke.  To make sure that you know the numbers you have is important in averting a cardiac event. Timely visit to a doctor can save your life.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol does not trigger any signs and can be difficult to manage. As one of the most chief risk factors for heart disease, getting cholesterol numbers under the control is of maximum importance.   You can speak with your doctor and find out what should be done to keep the cholesterol in control. 

 Do you have history of Preeclampsia?

As per a research or study, it has been witnessed that women who have had a history of preeclampsia-high blood pressure during the duration of pregnancy or in the postnatal period-have double the risk of heart disease. The danger might be even higher for the ones that cater preterm babies or suffer from such a condition more than once. It is better to be guarded than sorry. If you have had preeclampsia during any of your pregnancies then it is good to get your heart evaluated time to time.

What is the age of your heart?

Do you know that your general risk for heart ailment? In case the answer is no, then you need to take a second and find out right away. You would be surprised to know that the heart you have might be older than your overall age. You need to talk to a doctor and find out the whereabouts of your heart and if needed take the advised precautions. Sometimes patients are young but the age of their heart is much higher.

Thus, having all these things in mind you have to be prudent about what your heart says. You need to take good care of your heart and at least visit the best heart hospital in India for once for your peace of mind.

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