Monday, July 8, 2019

Why get a Clone script for your real estate website?

If you want to start your own online business, the first thing that you need is a website. The website would be the digital identity of your business. Unless you yourself are skilled in web development, getting a website built from a developer is costly. Moreover, often people are not able to realize their idea on to the computer, so the developer makes a website that doesn’t really satisfy the customer.

 So you end up paying a large amount for a website that even you are not satisfied with. One of the safest and cost-effective approaches for getting a website is to get a cloning script. A cloning script allows you to copy any functional website that you want, giving you a copy of the website’s frontend. This process saves you the hassle of designing a user interface for the website.

Real Estate Clone Script allows you to clone any real estate website like 99acres, magicbricks, etc. The script allows you to copy all the features of the website. So you get all the functionality of a proper working website in just a few clicks. Real Estate portals and websites are heavily designed. These websites are usually the end product of hundreds of developing hours. Various technical frameworks and programming languages are used in creating the website. Almost all the real estate websites have a basic structure which includes the following items-

     i.    Login page
    ii.     Search Bar
    iii.  Filters          
   iv.   Image/Video view
    v.    Ads management
  vi.  Premium/Free membership

By using a clone script, you get all the above features of a real estate portal at the fraction of the cost. Using our script, you can easily get your website ready for deployment within a few hours. By using the cloning script, you also get access to a platform which allows you to further fine-tune the cloned website. This allows you to add extra features into the website, change its colour scheme, font style etc. You can improve the cloned website even further, by adding various new functions. Since you’ll be provided with the source code of the website, you yourself can edit it to add or remove functionality. You will also be given the full admin rights to the website.

Why get a Clone script for your real estate website?      

Clone Scripts are completely legal and allow you to launch your website in a short time. Below are the benefits of using a clone script.

ü  Cost effective- The cost of a cloning script is quite less as compared to the fees of a website developer. Also, using the script, your websites get tons of features including the login page, membership control etc. All the features come with the script whereas a developer would charge you for adding these many features.

ü  Fast- It usually takes 30-40 hours to clone a website and deploy it to the server. So your business goes online in less than 2 days. The time saved can be used to promote your business online rather than being spent on developing the website. 

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