Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Documents You Should Check Before Buying a Property in Bangalore

Buying a house in Bangalore can be a lucrative investment tool. Even for residential purpose, Bangalore has turned out to be one of the most sought-after cities. This is because of the economic expansion of the city and a huge influx of people from across the country in search of better employment opportunities.

There are several such apartments for sale in Bangalore, such as Arvind Skyland in Jakkur, where one can buy a 2BHK house at prices starting with Rs.61 lakh. However, before you start looking for residential projects in Bangalore, it is essential to be aware of the paperwork involved.

Below is a list of documents that you should keep in order if you’re planning to buy an apartment or a flat in Bangalore:

Sale Deed

The sale deed or the title deed is the signed document that reflects the transfer of ownership and property rights from one party (seller of the house) to another (the buyer of the house). The sale deed validates the purchase and entails the terms and conditions of the selling/buying, agreed price of the property, description of the property, ownership release by the seller and transfer of rights.

Building Plan Approval

Before buying a house or a property in Bangalore, you must get a copy of the Building Plan Sanction, approved and issued by the corresponding municipal body of Bangalore. It could be issued by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) or Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) or Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), depending upon the jurisdiction area of the property.

 Khata Documents

Khata consists of two sets of documents - Khata Certificate and Khata Extracts. The BBMP or the BDA or the corresponding village panchayat issues the Khata Certificate without which water connection, electricity connection, trade and building license cannot be obtained. The Khata extract states that a specific person owns a particular property, thus registering his/her name as the owner of the property.

Encumbrance Certificate

Before purchasing a flat or a house, it is very crucial to make sure that there is no monetary dues or mortgage against the property. The encumbrance certificate (EC) corroborates that the property is free from any financial dues or liabilities. It is issued by the office of the sub-registrar of the concerned property jurisdiction and enlists the details of any claims, loans, and dues.

Clearance Certificate

The clearance certificate, also called the commencement certificate (CC) is vital for the purchase and ownership of the property. Even after the issuance of a building license, the developer can start the construction activities only after it gets the clearance/commencement certificate. Buyers should obtain a copy of the CC without which the BBMP will not issue the occupancy certificate (OC).

By availing and verifying these documents, you can ensure the legitimacy of the property that you’re going to purchase and avoid any legal hassles in future. Financing your property purchase with home loans from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited can turn out to be smart move since you can not only avail funding up to Rs. 10 crore but also get in-person assistance for site visits and documentation to make your home buying experience hassle-free.

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