Monday, August 12, 2019

Hairnet detection in the hospitality sector reduces hygiene related issues:

Majority of the businesses of modern days are running under intense competition. In such periods of intense competition, all of the businesses large or small demands the need for pro-active security to stay safe from both internal and environmental treats. The traditional mode of security for a business was in the form of video surveillance. This practice is now reinforced to Artificial intelligence so as to thwart any untoward incident rather than to merely record it.

Activity recognition on the contrary to video recording helps in decoding the CCTV data and also offers timely alerts to prevent thefts and to detect deviations from the standard operating procedure. When such activity recognition protocols are utilized by businesses, it also improves the efficiency of the employees and their compliance at the workplace.

Activity recognition:

Until recently surveillance security was affordable only for big business networks and enterprises. But will falling cost of hardware, even the small businesses are opting for CCTV surveillance solutions, even such surveillance demands surveying each frame manually to catch instances of malpractice and that too after the incident has actually occurred. With the help of activity recognition, it is possible to identify human behavior instantly and report unwanted activities on a real time basis to prevent the perpetrator from carrying out harmful activities. Such functionalities are especially important in the hospitality industry so that even aspects such as not wearing the hairnet can be diagnosed easily.

Hairnet and head gear detection:

Head gear and hairnets are mandatory inthe food and beverage industry and are seen as a hygiene and quality protocol. Hairnet detection is a perfect and an economic solution to guard food against contamination from hair and also the insects such as lies. Hair nets should completely cover the hairline of the user until their ears. Some of the hairnets also feature a unique feature such as the fold and hold technology which helps to contain hair for people, especially those who have short hair.

The Artificial intelligence platform enables real time monitoring and compliance checking of SOPs and other best practices in the hospitality industry. Such protocols are extremely relevant in the food manufacturing units, hotels and eat outs. Hygiene controls are very much essential in these places and thus headgear detection is an absolute must in these sectors.

Hairnet recognition SOPs:

The task of action recognition such as wearing head gear or not involves analyzing the videos pertaining to that action on a particular floor. The primary subjects of these SOPs are humans performing some workon the floor. The tool helps with action localization and securely identifies if an employee is using hairnet or net at a particular point of time. Though it is designed specifically for humans, this can be generalized to other subjects and robots as well. Apart from determining the action it also detects when and where the action was performed in the said video.

Final words:

With the help of such advanced and high level video processing, businesses are sure to improve their efficiently, compliance and strict adherence to the defined SOPs. Such analytical solutions are affordable and thus helps businesses to embrace this intelligent system at ease.

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