Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Know the pros and cons of a gift card

Gift cards are the new and improved method to give someone a present. It involves using your cash and purchasing a plastic or paper gift certificate which can be used at specialty stores or on ecommerce website to purchase a related product. For those buying gifts or giving a present to somehow, it a very hassle free method. You don’t really need to go to a store and give your time and energy and carefully analyze the need of another and buy them a gift.

Gift cards are also protected by the RFID technology. This actually protects your debit card or credit card from being stolen and misused. Since gift cards also contain some amount of money, they come with RFID protection.

In the US, a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation stated that consumers love gift cards rather than a physical gifts. The top e gift cards can include gift certificates from various retailers and ecommerce website like Amazon, Ebay, Myntra, Flipkart, Marks & Spencer’s, The Body Shop, Sephora and more!

Pros of Gift Cards Online
·         It is easy and hassle free.

·         The person has the freedom and choice to buy a gift according to their taste.

·         It is a flexible amount. Gift cards can range from a budget amount to a large amount, whichever suits your wallet.

·         It caters to specified brand and websites. So your loved one has some favorite shopping brands, you can purchase top e gift cards for them.

Cons of Gift Cards Online

·         Although gift cards are a modern way of giving gifts, they lack a personal touch. There is always something about buying a present for someone, wrapping them in attractive gift papers and adding a personal note. For many gift cards are way too professional!

·         Sometimes you may purchase a wrong gift card for your friend. The worst scenario would be buying a KFC gift card for your vegetarian friend. A total disaster!

·         Gift cards have a validity date, which means that your loved one has to use that amount within the specified date at the back of the card. Else, the amount will lapse.

·         Many gift cards, especially those related to food require an activation fee. Although the fee is not a big amount, but a fee nonetheless is not desirable. Open loop cards like Visa cards have the highest fee.

·         You may not believe it, but many of friends and family lose gift cards or simply forget about them after they get it and when that expiry date is over, they simply throw it out. In such scenarios it can be a waste of money.


An egift card buy can be beneficial and headache free in many levels. But whether you should use it or not, is really up to you. Sometimes you may not have sufficient time to but a physical gift and get purchase a gift card online. It is an advantage to those who are love online shopping! So, next time you gift someone something, do consider if a gift card is worth your while.

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