Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Latest Trends of Gifts

Nowadays, it has become a fashion or a tradition of exchanging gifts with your friends, lovers, relatives and colleagues too. People give presents on many occasions like on festivals, birthdays, promotions, retirement and so on. The way of giving presents has changed time to time. In ancient time, people used to give handmade gifts. But now, People have become more creative. They try to give unique gifts to them and make them feel special and try to keep in their budget.

 In digital world, technologies are changing the way of giving gifts like now people can give printed mugs, pillows. We can also print a T-shirt with our own choice. Therefore industries are focused in custom printed T-shirts and personalised T-shirt in India. There are many kinds of T-shirt printing like we can print photos, different symbols and logos. We can also give shape and colour according to our choice.

Latest Trends of Printing T-shirts is a very good idea to express our feelings for our loving ones. Like whenever you purpose your lover you can wear a T-shirt having a picture of your lover, it becomes so romantic and impressing. You can also gift these kinds of T-shirts to your friends who are going to Abroad. You can paste your group photos or precious photos on T-shirts and show your love and feelings. You can print group photos on T-shirts for your friend circle which can wear it on Trips. You can also express sorry and regret to anyone by writing sorry on T-shirt. These types of gifts make memories and we can also store it easily for long time and also bring it anywhere.

The range of these T-shirts is in your own hand, because what type of stuff you want, what type of colour you want, what type of photos you want to paste and how many pictures you want to paste depends upon your choice. If you cannot spend more money on it then, you can adjust it according to your budget by reducing the number of photos. Also, you can give printed mug according to your preference. But, if you can spend more money, then you can also buy branded T-shirt and print your selected photos or quotations on it.

Not only T-shirts can be made but so many other things can also be printed like visiting cards, carry bags, mugs, bed sheets, banners, calendars, stickers, posters, wall papers, printed packaging tapes, magazines, flyers, letterheads etc. There are many companies who specially work on printing. Apart from generating more revenue, it also provides employment and gives opportunity to those who wants to work in creative field.

Due to increase in the demand of such products, companies take online orders and booking of these products. Now we can easily select the pattern of printing at home and receive our products by home delivery within few days. We can have print on any type of clothes it may be summer wear or winter wear. We can also use embroidery on clothes with prints it looks more attractive and beautiful. We can also paste any kind of logos like flags of countries, pictures of animals, your own thoughts, with heat resistance HD colours and any other thing which comes in your mind. You can print and wear it.
Customised T-shirts are not only used as gifts but people wear custom T –shirts to promote the culture like in Punjab people wear Shaheed  Bhagat Singh’s T-shirts to show the love for their Idols. Actors or actresses use these to promoting their movies, their shows and also for promote their brands.

To show their protest or anger and spread awareness regarding social issues, people wear customised T-shirts with their relevant slogans e.g. In case of LGBT Community people wear rainbow T-shirts. Rainbow shows the symbol of equality among all the people. They accept the relations between Lesbians, gays, Bisexual, and Transgender and promote equal status in our society. People also wear custom T-shirts to promote the women empowerment and to make people alert about any mishappening to women in our country e.g. acid attack, rape case and female foeticide, domestic violence. People wear black T-shirts, black colour represents anger.

Another example of customised T-shirts is Khalsa Aid Community. This community helps people who are suffering from natural disasters like floods, earthquake. They give them food, medicines, and many more facilities. Mostly youth of Sikh religion came together and formed this community. They have to wear black T-shirt with a symbol of Sikhism i.e. Khanda and slogan written on it which is “Recognise the whole Human race as one”. So it can be said that customised T-shirts are really helpful in portraying people’s cultural, social, spiritual, personal beliefs and emotions. So if you want to buy these kinds of T-shirts, visit franchise stores or buy it online.

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