Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Modern Chain Jewellery Designs 3 Types

Chain jewellery helps in enhancing the looks of the person totally. It is one of the most beautiful as well as charming ways of accessorizing your neck when you flaunt a delicately designed chain. A chain tends to have a beautiful fall on the neck, be it in the form of gold, silver or any other metal.
They are extensively used as jewellery in the neck, wrists and even ankles with accompaniment of decorative pendants or charms that also have a wide variety. Apart from that, they also have a significance attached to them. However, chains jewellery as a whole is used by fashion conscious online buyers  all over and the ones that match their style quotient. 
1.   Personalized gold chains – We all love a little bit of our personality being engraved in our favorite piece of jewellery and chains are no exception. This trend has been on the rise and  silver and gold chains are being personalized with dates, quotes, sayings, name, word, etc. they look very trendy and in fashion. People love to flaunt these stylish chains with much flair. These chains are made with gold and can be tied with colorful strings and can be yet another gold chain jewellery design meant for gifting purposes.
2.   Pearl chain jewellery – The relationship between women and pearls has been timeless and immortal. Pearls tend to be symbolic of royalty and grace. They provide you with a status symbol yet giving you a classy look. Chains in gold that includes pearls like, white, cream or pink gives a heavenly look to your neck. You can be a fashion icon simply with a strand of gold and pearl chain. It goes very well with Indian attire, evening wear, party wear and gowns. It is an excellent gifting option and indeed makes a classy statement.
3. Gold and silver chain combination – Silver Is the most popular element after gold when it comes to finish and looks especially in chain jewellery. Gold with silver jewellery is a classic combination that can be worn by both men and women. They can be thick or thin as one prefer wearing. Gold can be combined with oxidized silver chains, sterling silver chains or black silver and yet give an earthy look minus the gaudiness. They go well with casual outfits and daily wear.
You can even opt for simple gold chain without all the fuss in design and texture. Wear it with a simple diamond pendant and there you go, you can never go wrong with this look. If you have a short neck, chain jewellery tends to give your neck an elongated look.

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