Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Non-Woven Bag - Environment Friendly Alternative to Disposable Bags

Due to the disadvantages offered by plastic bags, its use has been banned in several countries. It has created an immense fuss. On looking at its environmental advantages, you will definitely be amazed.
Non-woven bags are environment friendly alternative to disposable bags. They are biodegradable, and also quite affordable due to their reuse feature. If you care about the environment, you must prefer buying eco-friendly bags. Let us know what type environmental benefits these bags provide to its users.

No destructive soot at the time of burning

By burning a normal bag, you would notice that it will generate ash and soot and will also give a smoky smell. With eco-friendly non-woven bags, you can rest assured that there won’t be any type of toxic contaminants produced at the time of burning it. As these bags are biodegradable, all the remains that you get post the burn get dissolved into the soil. This makes it helpful for the environment.

Ability to get recycled and reused

The first and foremost feature that makes a woven bag ideal for the environment is its ability to get reused or recycled.  The worth of any eco-friendly product is gauged by looking at the reusability of it. Non-woven bags are well-known for it and you can use them again and again.

By recycling these bags, it will be advantageous for all of them. Even if you are throwing them away, these bags can make you rest assured that they will get collected in a proper way. These bags have this feature to keep the entire environment clean.

Very affordable

Being environment friendly doesn’t mean that this bag has to be recycled or reused. You can use them again and again without any signs of damage. This makes these bags quite affordable as compared to one-time use disposable bags. Thus, the cost that you incur in buying it can be easily recovered by reusing them.

Another reason for their cost effectiveness is that in case of a non-woven bag, there is no need to use other natural materials to make this bag. This makes them cost effective over woven type of reusable bags. The simpler the creation of a bag, the better it will be for the environment.

Improved durability

This is another important advantage of reusable non-woven bags with respect to the environment. The simplest way to comprehend the reuse concept is by observing the times that you will be using the product without even spending on something similar.

These non-woven bags are extremely durable that makes them reusable for all your further needs. This is not in case of plastic or other types of disposable bags that are susceptible to get damaged with passing age.


A lot of companies have now migrated from decomposable bags to eco-friendly bags. The green marketing initiative is in support to nature and reusable bags are designed to accomplish this objective. So, with all these benefits, use eco-friendly bags to do your bit towards preserving nature.

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