Monday, August 5, 2019

Two Health Supplements for hikers

If you are a hiker you know about the strength and endurance needed for a hiking expedition. Often people assume that hikers do not need that much energy and workouts and supplements. But the truth is hiking is very much physically demanding. You need to walk, run or sprint for a long time. Besides that you are totally open in nature, you need to decent yourself. A rigorous hiking session is often exhausting. If you are planning to go on along hiking trip then you need to build your muscles so that you can walk for long hours.

So, if you are a hike, you need a dedicated workout plan so that your body becomes able to endure the hardships of the expedition. You need to build your lean muscle. Your hamstrings and legs need to be stronger for walking. You also need to go on short hiking trails before going on a long hiking trip.
The only exercise will not help you, you need a proper diet. You have to eat protein-rich foods, jet carbs, and fats with nutrients and vitamins. So, you may need to add some supplements in your diet. You can easily buy supplemental online India unreasonable price. This article will give you details information about the two most important health supplements for hikers.

·         Electrolytes

Electrolytes are a must for hikers. As you hike, you sweat more. With this sweat, you lose the much-needed electrolytes. So, you need to replenish it. Electrolytes keep your body fluid level normal and supply you the much-needed energy boosters. Besides that, the electrolytes also allow your muscles to keep going. If someone loses too many electrolytes, that person becomes vulnerable to heatstroke and extreme dehydration. Hence, if you are packing for hiking always take a lot of sachets of electrolytes with you. Try to drink electrolytes mixed with water instead of drinking regular water frequently. Prepare your electrolyte solutions before going on a hike and carry two or more bottles with you.

·         Protein powder

You may be shocked by seeing this in this list. Because protein powder is a popular and cheap bodybuilding supplement online. Usually, a person needs to include ten to twenty percent protein in his total diet. But if you are backpacking you need more. You are hiking with a heavy bag of 20 to 30 pounds on your back. You are climbing and sprinting with this much load. So you need a lot of protein. Usually, most hikers have quick bites like cookies, candies or camera while they are on route. 

But these can provide you only carbs. Protein bars are also not enough. So it will be better of you carry whey protein powder with you. Yes, hiking with a heavy backpack is equal to heavy intensity weight training. Your muscles need protein to endure hardship. A good quality whey protein will be better. If you are vegan then you can take soy protein powder or other plant-based protein powders with you. Carry a good amount of protein powder with you. Drink a protein shake before starting hiking. Besides that, keep a bottle or two readies with a protein shake to replenish yourself. This will be helpful.

So, for the next time you are going on a hiking trip do not forget to pack electrolytes and protein powders with you. These two supplements will be very much beneficial in your trip.

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