Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why woolen clothes are still the best option for winters?

As soon as winter hits and chilly winds touch the skin, one knows that it is time to take the woolens out. For decades, people have relied on woolen wears like sweaters, mittens, woolen cap, coats, etc to keep oneself warm and cozy during light winter or harshest ones. Even though today one can find several other synthetic fibers and fabrics which are used to make winter wears, woolens remain the favorite of the masses. Wool being a natural fiber, it has a next-level smoothness and softness to it which makes it wearable and bearable in all kind of winters.

Some of the major reasons why woolen winter wears are highly favored all across the globe are listed below:


The best thing about woolens is that it can control the temperature fluctuations and keep one comfortable in changing temperatures as well. The woolen fabric has small air pockets and this creates an insulation layer therefore not letting the inner temperature leave and outer temperature enter the clothing. Thus one can be comfortable in low and as well mildly high temperatures as well. Also, it absorbs the sweat keeping one's body dry and preventing shivers when the cold wind blows.


Those who like natural fabrics and materials, for the wool is the best choice. There is no harmful material or chemical used in creating the woolen fibers thus one can sure o the fact that will never cause any kind of skin irritation. also, no animal is harmed while collecting the natural wool thus one can say the harvesting is a very humane and acceptable process. If someone has sensitive skin or is allergic to any kind of synthetic material then they can easily opt for woolens as it will never cause any of infection or allergy because it does not let dust mites or bacteria in.


The fabric of wool is the quite lightweight which adds to its comfortability quotient, however, it does not compromise with its durability. The fabric is extremely resistant and it tends to have a longer life span compared to other fabrics. That is the reason why woolens and worsted wools are favored in all type of attires due to its high comfortability.

Resistant to fire

Many must have seen that woolen blankets are used to douse the fire and stop it from spreading any further. This is because the woolen fibers are fire resistant and it does not catch fire when in close contact. Many firemen units also have wool in their uniform to avoid any fore injury. This leads to better protection during any kind of accidental situations.

Better support

Woolens are flexible which means it allows free and easy movement of the limbs. For those who suffer from any kind of joint pain and bone-related problem, woolens is the best option. Pajamas and thermals made of wool is perfect for painless movement due to higher elasticity of the woolen fabric

Wool is a favorite fabric of many and since ages, it has been regarded as the warmest and softest nature fiber which provides immense comfort and cozy feeling during harsher climates.

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