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All About 457 Visa: Everything You Need to Know – Read Here!

Temporary Work Skilled or 457 visa allows foreign citizens to work as a skilled worker in Australia. The foreign citizen who applies for a 457 visa should have an approved sponsor or employee for up to four years. Foreign workers should have to be sponsored by an Australian business or industry which can prove to the government that they can’t find suitable Australian workers to handle the job.

The 457 visa has been a focus topic of the federal government for some time, such as Australians were having a shortage of jobs because they employ foreign workers. Moreover, there are two working visas in Australia, the first one is a holiday visa (417) and the other one is the temporary work (skilled visa) or most commonly known as a 457 visa.

Applying for a working holiday visa is an easy process that doesn’t involve the employer to provide necessary documents and requirements to support the foreign worker’s visa application. The application can be completed by the applicant if he or she is allowed to stay in Australia for up to one year while working up to six months with the employer.

On the other hand, the 457 visa resource from insurance to bank accounts is a complicated visa process. The 457 visa is perfect for skilled foreign workers who can perform specific job roles in a certain company that has difficulty hiring a local Australian worker.

There are three important stages you must know when applying for a 457 visa:

 Stage 1: Sponsorship Application

Once the lodge has been settled and approved, the sponsorship application will be given to the company if the status of the company is “standard business sponsor” which a company needs to employ any overseas or foreign skilled workers for a 457 visa.

Once approved, the sponsorship will be valid for three years.

Stage 2: Nomination Application

It requires the company to lodge a visa application to nominate a certain job position that needs to be filled by a foreign worker. For the nomination application to be approved, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) required to be fulfilled amongst other things such as:

       The company has followed with the necessary training requirements for the length of the sponsorship like training expenditure which is equal to 1% of total payroll for every year of the sponsorship or a 2$ total gross payroll in payments issued to industry training budget.
       The nominated job is an occupation which is verified on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

Stage 3: Visa Application

Once the nomination has been granted, the approved validity will be available for 12 months, by then, the nominated employee or foreign worker (visa applicant) should apply for the 457 Visa for a visa application to be approved and granted. However, DIBP needs to meet the following requirements:

       The occupation is legit and the foreign worker’s intention to perform a certain job is legit and authentic
       The foreign worker or visa applicant should have the necessary required skills, qualifications, and employment background that is required to perform the nominated job or application
       The visa applicant should meet the standard score of English Language Requirements
       The visa applicant should have a good character and right conduct
       The visa applicant should have adequate arrangements for health insurance along to his or her stay in Australia.

Once the visa has been approved and granted, the validity can last up to four years.

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