Thursday, September 19, 2019

How Is Adult Foster Care Different from Assisted Living?

When looking at options for caring for elderly relatives, long-term nursing home care is usually very expensive. There are other alternatives to round the clock nursing care and it is not necessary for everyone. Assisted living and adult foster care service massachusetts are both possible options for older adults who can't live alone any longer. 

What Is Adult Foster Care?

There are no rules about what constitutes adult foster care. It can be as involved as round-the-clock nursing care or as relaxed as periodically checking on someone. It usually involves helping with daily living activities. These include bathing, meals, transferring into and out of the bed or a wheelchair, housework, shopping, cooking, washing clothes and recreational activities such as going to the movies or visiting the library. People in adult foster care are often reminded to take medication as well. Adult foster care is often performed in the person's home, unlike assisted living care.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities provide help with many of the same activities as adult foster care, except that the person lives in a special home instead of their own house. The people who live in assisted living are usually independent and able to do many activities for themselves, but may prefer to have someone cook for them and do most of the cleaning. Many times people who live in assisted living homes have cars and can drive, but just need someone to look in on them from time to time.

What Are the Costs?

Adult foster care, especially if it is in the elderly person's home, is usually cheaper than assisted living facilities, which are less expensive than nursing homes. The cost depends upon the level of care necessary. Many services are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, but policies differ from state to state.
When people are no longer able to safely live by themselves, it is sometimes necessary to look at alternatives. Adult foster care is one of those choices.

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