Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Art of Street Photography

Definition of street photography

The general definition as to what street photography is according to the laymen is the photographs captured just on the streets or in public places. Most of them don’t know what street photography actually means. To put it in a simple way, street photography means candid photography that is captured in public places.

Not all pictures that are candid or that are captured candidly in the public places qualify to be good street photography. A good street photograph needs to have a definite subject, frame, composition, etc. This doesn't mean that street photos should always have humans in their frames. A definite object can mean anything like a shadow, tree, flowers, etc. There are many tours like Delhi street photo tour which takes you to busy markets and teaches you the art of street photography.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before going out for your street photo tours,

1.      Conduct: There are many things that one needs to keep in mind when going out for street photography, one among them is your behavior. Even though you can take pictures in public places, few things are off-limits. Make sure you are within your limit. Always when shooting children get permission from their parents/guardians if they are around.

2.      Respect: If someone doesn't want you to take their image, apologize and move back, most likely. Respect the choice they made. Don’t get offended as it is their personal choice and always put a smile on your face.

3.      Comfort: Until and unless you are comfortable with the subject, don't go very close as it might make both yourself and the subject very uncomfortable. Shoot at a very comfortable distance preferably a little far.

4.      Do it in the right way: Street portraits are very famous and clicking a good one doesn’t come easy. If you are planning to click one, approaching the subject and getting their approval is very important. Clicking street portraits is a tricky job and is also a great way of meeting people.

5.      Innovation: You can bring in a lot of innovation in street photography and you have a lot of things to capture also. Be it a silhouette picture or animals, colors or narrow streets, try to look at it in a different angle and make your shot interesting.

Besides these, there are few other items to mention as well. You'll have to travel a ton of range for most of the street photography, so wear cozy dresses and bring just what you need. Do not bring surplus stuff as carrying them may be hard.

Don’t get intimidated by the history and definition of street photography given. Capture the street life through your lens based on your perspective. Platforms like New Delhi street photography takes you to the right place and teaches the art of street photography. So, if you are very interested in learning the skills of street photography from experienced people, then taking a photo tour will be a great option.

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