Sunday, September 8, 2019

The types of stamps you can purchase and choose online

Whether you have tasks that need quick, repetitive stamping, or a job that requires special ink, it’s important to know the stamp that can do the job best!

Regardless if you have a lot of tasks you need to finish right away, there is always that task where you have to repeatedly stamp different documents, cards, and items where you require to use a reliable, sturdy rubber stamp, and you are well aware that in order to finish this task, you should be using the best rubber stamp that can do the job efficiently.

However, there are different types of rubber stamps or mounts that offer you different ways of stamping things up, it also offers different benefits and purposes that solely depends on your intended use.

Before you even decide to look and buy rubber stamps online, make sure you identify the different types of stamps that you can purchase online.

1.  Wooden handle stamp- This is technically the cheapest and also the easiest type of stamp that you can find online. The wooden handle stamps are very ideal for different occasions either at your home different purposes like address printing, customization of greeting cards, wedding invitation cards, letters, as well as envelopes. It is also very ideal to use for creative purposes using different colored inks and shapes which uses a manual ink pad.

2. Plastic self-ink stamp- A lot of people recommend this type of stamp for daily usage. This kind of rubber stamp offers you everything that you need either at home or at your office. It is very neat and very easy to use because of its integrated ink cartridge that can be replaced conveniently along with its ink pad that is not messy to use at all. Every time you print, it re-inks instantly to make sure you always stamp and imprint the marking clearly. In fact, this type of rubber stamp can imprint up to ten thousand markings.

3. Embosser stamps- This type of stamps, meanwhile, does not need ink at all. Sounds impossible right? Well, this kind of stamp is very unique and very cool to use because it crimps the paper up, instead of the ink that leaves a marking on the card or document, it permanently embossed the marking or the imprint on the document using the specific design or logo of the stamp. Embossing is highly used in securing documents that leave a very discreet and most often unforgeable marking or imprint.

4. Electronic stamp- This is commonly found in offices and workplaces to print the employee's log-in time and the log-out time along with the date as a formal attendance sheet of the employee. Usually, the electronic stamp leaves the imprint instantly once the employee sticks the time card inside the stamp machine.

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