Monday, October 21, 2019

How does the Combination of Fire Rated Doors and Fire Rated Door Locks Save your Life?

Fire is one of the most devastating forces of nature. Fire simply consumes and destroys everything and anything that it touches. Especially a fire in an establishment can be a serious nightmare resulting in the loss of property, resulting in huge financial losses as well as loss life that unlike a financial loss can never be fulfilled. Consequently, there have been developed, various mechanisms and products that allow for either any one or both of the following two things namely; being able to contain the fire and extinguish it and provide sufficient buffer time for individuals to evacuate an establishment, which is aflame. 

A great invention that serves a similar purpose and can be used for both containing a fire as well as providing buffer time for people to escape are Fire Rated Doors, in conjunction with Fire rated Door Locks as well as floor springs from top notch floor spring suppliers. With the appropriate use of these devices, unintentional fires can be dealt with effectively, and thus huge losses can be prevented from accumulating. Due to the effectiveness of fire rated doors, a small fire that might have ignited in a portion of an establishment can be contained and obstructed from  reaching other parts of the establishment and thus prevent from wreaking havoc. 

So how does a Fire Rated Door do its Job?

Basically, a Fire Rated door is made of material which is naturally resistant to fire and can with stand the heat and punishment that is caused by the fire. The most standard kind of Fire resistant doors are constructed out of timber. This timber door is has a panel of fire mesh fortified glass.  This is the most common type fire resistant doors, though there are various other kinds of fire rated doors, constructed out of aluminum, reinforced glass which is fire rated, steel etc.

These doors when exposed to temperatures of more than 100 Degree Celcius, have a coating on the edges of the door panels, which prevent any kind of smoke from passing on to the areas post the fire rated doors. Another mechanism that is used quite frequently along with Fire Rated Doors is Floor springs. Floor springs are a kind of Self-closing mechanism that allows fire doors to stay shut, until and unless a human force is applied. Thus, prevents the fire and smoke from spreading, and thus losses can be minimized.

Major Advantages of Fire Rated Doors-

·         Fire rated doors are rated as per body and quality of the overall item. Fire rated doors are designed to withstand for about 20 minutes in heat, enough to evacuate.

·         These doors are great to protect exit points like- horizontal exits, stair enclosures and exit corridors. The overall idea is to help people easy evacuate for safety purpose.

Whether you are going for floor spring or fire rated doors, it is important you connect with the right supplier. Floor spring supplier will offer range of option which you can select to install along with fire rated door locks. This will help in keeping the area safe.

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