Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How students can excel in the subject of Maths

Maths is an interesting subject that involves a practical application of the subjects we study. The subject is such that it evokes mixed response from the students as some like it whereas others dislike them. But to obtain an overall good score you have to perform exceptional in the subject, hence you need to brush up your concepts of maths. An ideal way would be to flip through CBSE maths study material as an insight about maths concepts is provided.

To gain a hold over maths is really important all the more so for a class 7 study who is making a move from primary to secondary levels. You can be assured that the subject would become complex. Just make sure that the fundamentals are clear so that you can move forward. Flipping through class 7 maths study material might provide you moderate success, but there are some pointers you have to keep in mind

To break down the problem

When the problem is too big it might be really complex to solve it. In such situations it is better to break down the problem into parts and try to understand the concepts better. If it is equations you can break them down and put them into parts.

Pay due consideration to concepts

One of the major rules to understand maths is to have an idea about underlying concepts. Some students end up memorizing the equation or the formulas but it is not going to work in that way. You can never memorize maths as you have to understand it. The moment you gain clarity on an underlying concept automatically a sense of logic prevails. Just spend some time to figure out what you are trying to understand as it may help you solve complex problems.

Do not jump consignments

If you trying to solve an assignment directly you are bounded to be frustrated as you may lack the knowledge to solve them. The best approach is to understand what is being taught in class and solve the exercises given out by the tutor. Once you have a clear idea you can proceed with the assignment. This is an approach ideal for understanding the concept.

Try solving extra problems

Maths is not something that can be learnt in a day or two by solving a couple of problems. Proper practice is essential and the more you practice the better you might become on the same. Not only with the study material but you have to invest in top quality reference material in order to have a grip on the subject. Just obtain question papers from the previous year and once you solve them it would boast your confidence.

Last but perhaps the main point of consideration is you need to understand the problem. There are students who find it really difficult to understand the problem in the first place. You have to read it over and over again. You can also draw a problem so as to understand it better.

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