Monday, October 28, 2019

How to Get the Perfect Soil for Your Flowers?

Not everyone knows that banana peel can be used as fertilizer for garden and houseplants. It strengthens the root system, encourages active growth and development. Flowering becomes rich and lush. Get your  assorted flower delivery today.

Like banana peels to make fertilizer for houseplants, benefits and ways of detail

Advantages and disadvantages

Everyone has his or her own point of view, one places high hopes on organic fertilizers and special care, and one skeptical and magnifying glass looks at all the disadvantages of this cultivation, favoring only prepared materials.


Banana peel is a natural product that contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and nitrogen. This is a great alternative to potassium and phosphorus fertilizer. In the skin of natural hormone - a growth promoter that stimulates the roots of seedlings in pots and has a beneficial effect on the growth of seedlings.

Skins improve resistance to disease and pests, increase immunity, help better pass the adaptation period, transplant and hoe.

Banana waste will be a discovery for greenhouse plants that always have little light and heat during the fall and winter months.

Banana peel fertilizer should be a supplement to basic nutrition, not a substitute. Unfortunately, it is unable to fully compensate for the required nutrient composition.

Indoor flowers, unlike garden flowers, need periodic dusting. In this case, the cotton disks are better to replace the bark with a banana. Their inner side cleans the leaves well.

How To Prepare Banana Waste

The negative effects of pre-treatment must be counteracted before using banana peel for plant fertilization. Failure to do so will cause the chemicals to enter the soil and the plants, respectively. This is enough for the skin to be thoroughly washed under running warm water with soap, preferably with a brush.

Ways to apply banana peel

1. The most readily available and faster fertilizer option:

The bark, finely chopped and deepened for more than 5 see Houseplant flowers weakened, quickly recovered and began actively building the greens. It is remarkable that within 7-10 days of skin, there will be no trace, everything is processed by soil organisms. Soil structure will improve.

6-7 banana skins enough for 20 medium sized pots. Overdose on flowers is not a thing, and here is a captivating sweet aroma can attract ants and flies. Be prepared to protect plants from flies.

2. Infusion: Medium sized 3 banana peels, put in a 3 liter jar and fill with water at room temperature, after 3-4 days ready infusion, diluted with 1: 1 water and can be watered. The infusion can be used as aphids. Store in the refrigerator for no more than one week.

The aqueous extract has an unpleasant odor and breaks down quickly.

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