Monday, November 4, 2019


In this fast moving world, the technology is changing very fast. There is launch of many things in the market every day. So to keep the people aware about the new things available in the market, companies have to many of the efforts. Many companies outsource the advertisements from the advertisement companies. Advertisement can be done through various sources. These sources are selected according to the budget that is allocated by the product manufacturing company. Apart from doing advertisement in the newspaper or magazines, the most commonly used source is video or can be called as add that contains both audio and video related to the product. Mainly video production services in Bangalore are famous.

They provide different kinds of videos that are stated as follows:

Ø  TV Commercials: In this videos created by the third party contains the promotion of the goods, services, any organization through television. These are created keeping the mind the product or service that is to be promoted. Many celebrities are taken in the videos in order to attract more consumers towards the TV commercial.

Ø  Animations: These videos are basically created for the products or services related to children. Animation makes the video more attractive. Even many game related products like PlayStation are promoted through animated videos. This is a new technique introduced in the market which have relatively more demand in the market and even this type of videos are bit expensive than others.

Ø  Corporate Videos: These type of videos for both internal and external corporate communications. Now a days it has become important to make these videos periodically. As these give a brief overview about the present financial results to their stakeholders and also tell about the new product line or services that are being launched in the market by them. Even it becomes promotional videos to attract more shareholders towards them.

Ø  Testimonials Videos: These are short videos that are made with the customers or any client who is satisfied by the services provided by the company. This is a new concept in the market. Here the customers talk about the product, how to use it, how it has solved his problem and how much they liked about the product in the video. It is simple and better idea to influence more people towards the company.

Ø  Product Videos: These videos are basically made to promote the product. In this they tell about the benefits and features of the product. Here in this video they narrate a very short story in which they explain features of the product in such a way that it leaves an impression in the mind of the customer. To make the video more attractive and impact full, various celebrities are taken.

There are many video production service in India and even this sector is growing at aver fast speed. These make the work of the manufacturing company easy about the promotion of their products. As it is important to make the customers aware about the new product line available in the market. So these services have become necessary and more useful for both customers and manufactures.

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