Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Beginner’s Simple Guide to Domain Name Registration

The Internet world is filled with over one billion websites, many of which are platforms for businesses to sell their products or make netizens aware of their services. The number of sites on the World Wide Web is increasing each second, making it challenging for an individual to remember the names of all of them.

To make users remember a website, it is necessary for its owner to pick a catchy address for it, which is possible by hiring the domain name registration services of the best registrar.

Buying a domain name is easier than ever today, thanks to countless companies offering their services online. However, it is challenging for a beginner to register a domain name. From understanding a domain name and the importance of contacting the best registrar, there are many things that an individual needs to consider.

In this guide, newbies will learn how to register a domain name:

What Exactly is a Domain Name

Popularly known as domain, it is the address of a website that takes a user to its pages. Without it, a site is useless and cannot operate on the Internet, which is why domain name registration is essential. Each website on the Internet has a unique address that differentiates it from others. A site is assigned a domain name under Domain Name System, also called DNS. The system is similar to a phone book that contains the names of all websites.      

How are Domain Names Formatted

There are domain names that come with different types of extensions, including .com, .org, .net, and others. The .com extension is the most common and widely used. These extensions are called top-level domains (TLDs) and come at the end of a website’s domain name.

To the left of TLDs, there are descriptors called the second-level domains (SLDs), which are unique names given to domains, such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, and others. These are the names for which a website owner needs to buy a web domain from a registrar.

Overall, a domain name contains a machine name (www.), SLD (a name such as Google), and TLD (.com). In some cases, TLD is combined with a country code like for the United Kingdom.

How To Register a Domain Name

Purchasing a domain name is a multi-step process, which is followed after picking a suitable name for a website. Once the name is finalized, a site owner can begin the process of registering the name to make it available on the Internet.

       Step 1: Check Domain Vacancy

As each website has its unique name and address, it is essential to check domain vacancy on a domain checker. It tells whether or not the name is unique and available for registration. 

       Step 2: Pick a Domain

If the domain name is available, then the next step is to buy it. Here, a buyer needs to ensure that it is among the cheap domain names that suit a website and tell users what they are going to get on the site.

       Step 3: Complete the Registration

In the last step, the payment is made, and a buyer is provided with a setup form to complete the registration process. Here, the site owner has to fill a form containing information like name, address, postal code, phone number, country, and others.


Although domain name registration seems to be a complex process for beginners, it becomes easy when they know how to begin with it and where to go to complete the registration. In addition, they need to contact the best registrar for the best services.

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