Friday, January 10, 2020

Creative Handmade Products-Indycult

Indycult- cheap handmade products recycled paper Mache home décor art piece studio.

Try to explain the value of the paper to a company dedicated to the protection of the earth, reducing the use of paper in our community. They are making all the products from the old newspaper, the same newspaper that we read once we read it. 

Also with this platform, we are providing support and sources of income to various capable people in the community. Join us and be the voice of our craftsmanship and imagination. Cheap handmade products and creative handmade products are the specialities of Indycult.

Diwali Diya

Celebrate Diwali Diya, the beautiful decoration and hand-painted light created by your hands.Decorate your home with our inexpensive handmade product. Eco-friendly clay decorated with clay, order today! This is a creative handmade product of Indycult

 Details of the statue:

·         Length of a piece of art: 16 cm

·         Width of the art piece: 15 cm

·         Height of art piece: 3 C cm


 The dial is the symbol of subjecting one's soul to supreme power and knowledge, which transmits the light and removes the darkness around us.

 In today's world, when we have electricity and LED light supplied 24 * 7, it is special to see and feel the golden yellow light that gives Diya peace and relaxation.

 Try to keep Dial at your door and find positive energy and prosperity in the family.
 Order it today from our art gallery.

 Vision Ganesh face clay idol

 Shri Ganesh Ganesh, who removes all the obstacles that are worshipped before starting a new venture, always brings prosperity and removes the ill effects.

 According to the practice of Hindus, it has always been great to place a Ganesh idol at the door of the house or office, believing that this vision will remove all evil from entering your house and bring prosperity.

 When you keep Lord Ganesh this way, they will protect your house.

 Decorate your home with our handmade, environmentally friendly clay left trunk, so order today.

 Yellow Mustang Art Peace

 The piece of art is made of natural clay, crafted by an unknown artist who made it with love and purity, baking it in a furnace so that the coming years will be so similar and then painted with emotion.

 A horse is not just an animal, it is a symbol of love and friendship between humans and animals.

 A horse is known for its loyalty to its owner, which is reflected in our history

Indycult presenting a handmade clay horse art piece

 Decorate your home with our handmade, eco-friendly and stylish art piece. This will make your house or office even more beautiful. 

Indycult and trees

Indycult is a platform for artists to showcase their creativity.

 Do you know Every year, more than seven billion trees will be cut down to meet the demand for paper, the same paper that we consider and consider the cheapest natural resource and the use of paper is increasing day by day as the paper is reusable?

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