Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Men’s Gold Chain - From History To Choosing Your Style

A gold chain is one of the essentials for a man who loves wearing jewelry. Though not all men wear gold chains or any other piece of jewelry, it is a fact that wearing men's gold chains make you look cool. The attitude towards men’s jewelry is changing. 

The gender stereotyping in the world of fashion is blurring. There was a time when men’s jewelry was all about wearing watches. For men, this is the best time to include a gold lion necklace and other pieces of jewelry when they experiment with their looks.

The range of styles and designs of these chains allows you to do a lot with your looks. You can try chains of different lengths and thicknesses. You can give a personal touch to the chain with a personalized pendant.

The History Of Gold Chains

Men always used to wear gold chains, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used to wear gold neck wraps featuring amulets and talismans. There were different meanings attached to these gold wraps such as bringing luck or providing protection. Extremely wealthy men of the Renaissance period also had a love for chains and pendants. Have you seen the Hans Holbein’s famous portrait of Henry VIII?

Men stopped wearing necklaces in the 1600s. Men wearing necklaces and chains once again made a comeback in the latter half of the 20th century. In addition to becoming pious religious symbols, chains and necklaces also became signifiers of wealth. 

Disco, Dogs tags and icons such as Elvis Presley played their roles in making men’s jewelry mainstream again. The men’s chains and necklaces were made ultimate symbols in the hip-hop fashion.

Men’s jewelry has greatly evolved in the last decade. Now, men have many options when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Rings, pendants, chains and medallions are rising in popularity again.

Choosing The Metal

First of all, choose the material for the chain and then for the pendant. This is what makes this piece of jewelry uniquely stylish. Keep in mind that the necklace should feel comfortable. It should be casual like some family heirloom. While nothing can replace gold, a sterling silver chain can endow you with the more masculine and timeless vibe. 

The color shade of the material is ideal in winter months. Navy blues and grey come after this shade. Yellow men’s gold chains create contrast against the black. It also compliments orange, brown and other warmer tones. Choose a casual necklace for more dressed-down style.

While you can consider plated metals, stick to the two. Stick to solid gold and sterling silver. These are extremely fine metals. None of these two react to the skin.

Once you have selected the material, the chain comes in many designs. Interconnected oval links make the most common chain. The design of the chain can easily alter the look and feel of the necklace. The bulkier mesh chain, the sturdy curb chain, fancy Figaro chain and there are many other designs of chains.

Personalizing The Pendant

It is your choice. You can just wear the chain. You can make the chain personalized simply by adding a pendant. In the end, it is your personal choice. If your favorite celebrity is wearing a chain without a pendant, this does not mean that you should follow. Do what works best for you.

Choosing The Length

A chain can be 18 to 22 inches long. A chain of this size sits just below the collarbone. A 26 to 30 inches long chain with a pendant hangs around the chest. A long chain can draw attention to your broad chest. You can layer multiple chains. You can also experiment by varying the lengths.

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