Monday, January 13, 2020

Repairs and Replacements That Your Car Engine Require More Frequently

Buying a dream car means making a huge investment that will shake your budget. However, the experience of driving it on the road leads you towards a different level of satisfaction. After owning a car, it is your responsibility to keep it in fluently running condition. 

Along with taking care of its cosmetic look, engine maintenance also must be your primary priority. The car engine is a complex assembly of different components meant for moving the car. Even if you are driving carefully, still its parts need repair or replacement due to continuous depreciation. Generally, we remain unaware of the underhood components.

The car engine is a heavy-duty component assembly meant for handling extreme temperature levels. In severe conditions, you may also need services like automotive fuel tank repair or complete engine overhauling. We are mentioning the names of some components and fluids that require timely replacement or repair.

Spark Plug

Your car engine needs ignition to start that is why battery current is transferred through spark plugs. Depending on the power efficiency, the spark plugs can be 4, 6 or more. Most of the cars available in the market come with four cylinders. Each cylinder has a dedicated spark plug that must work fluently.

 The spark plug of a car can normally survive for up to 60,000 to 75,000 miles. If the spark plug is misfiring when you try to turn on the engine, consider the spark plug is worn out. Replacement is the only option in that case. If you ignore the malfunctioning of a spark plug, the engine pickup and fuel consumption efficiency will be badly affected.

Air Filters

Fresh air is among the primary requirement for an engine to work properly. For running the pistons of a car’s engine, adequate combustion of fuel is necessary. The engine gets necessary oxygen from its air filter. Along with allowing fresh air inside, it also halts derbies. As time passes, these derbies become a barrier. If you are expecting a flawless engine, it is advisable to replace the air filter after 20,000 miles. In the dusty areas, you may need to replace the filter after 15,000 miles.

Hoses and belts C

The car engine is a set of dynamic components that work in extreme conditions. For transferring power and fluids, belts and hoses are required in an engine. They are the only non-metallic components equipped in an engine. Therefore, the risk of damage due to friction and heat always remain high. It is advisable to check the strength of hoses and belts during every general service session.


In running condition, the temperature of a car engine may range up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In hot climatic condition, the temperature level may rise much higher which further results in a thermal breakdown. It is among the worst possible conditions for a car engine. For maintaining an ideal level of temperature, your car engine has coolant assembly. 

It is a kind of fluid that carries heat from the engine and exhales it through radiator panel with the help of a fan. The coolant fluid needs adequate refilling in order to maintain the right temperature under the hood. Ignoring of coolant replacement result in overheating and may require the assistance of an automotive fuel tank repair expert.

Engine oil

Frictionless pistons are necessary for running your car flawlessly which is only possible with adequate lubrication. The engine oil the very basic requirement of your car and needs replacement after running 5000 miles. If you are noticing power reduction in the engine or any roughness while driving, consider the engine oil is worn out. Make sure that mechanic is replacing it every time when you visit the service station for general servicing.

From a minor fuel filter removal to the complete engine overhauling, you can expect everything from as proficient service centre. Always prefer OEM parts for replacement and warranty for car repair.

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