Saturday, February 8, 2020

National Police Check: A Guide To Application

A police check is a big help to organizations. They are able to make informed decisions about the suitability of applicants. Police check is usually needed for the following:

       recruitment, job applications, and pre-employment screening
       volunteer and non-profit positions
       working with the elderly, children and other vulnerable people
       citizenship and immigration
       application for visa
       application for adoption
       licensing related to an occupation
       licensing for firearm


       The applicant should submit all the following requirements for a police check application. The Australian Federal Police will not process any application with incomplete requirements. Applications that do not meet the required standards will be also rejected.

       The applicant should provide all other full names by which he or she is also known. This includes previous names such as the maiden name. The date of birth should also be correct.

       A credit card is one of the accepted payment methods for the application. Bank cheque payment is also accepted for an application that is manually-completed. Payment should be in Australian dollars or money order obtainable from Australia Post. Personal and Company Cheques are not accepted.

       Copies of identification documents should also come with the application form. A 100-point-checklist is available at the Australian Federal Police website.

       Underaged minors can also apply for a National Police Check Australia. The applicant only needs parental consent or consent from his or her guardian. The parent or guardian will countersign the applicant's application forms.

Manually-completed application has more requirements.

       An applicant should submit a manually-completed application within three months after signing it.

       A cross [ X ] should mark the appropriate checkboxes.

       An applicant should secure all paperwork, forms, payment, and identification.

       All necessary details should be complete. The form should have the proper signature and date.

       The application form should be always completed using capital or block letters.

       Payment should be payable to the Australian Federal Police. Bank cheques and money orders should be in Australian Dollars ($AUD).

       Bank cheques should be from an Australian bank. Bank cheques can also come from financial institutions affiliated with an Australian bank.

False or misleading information

An applicant needs to certify all personal information provided on the application form. All details should be correct and complete. A check of police records can check the verity of this information. A provision of false or misleading information is a criminal offense. The applicant may face prosecution because of this.


The court outcome/s on a National Police Certificate can also be incorrect or inaccurate. An applicant should complete the Disputed Record form if this is the case. It is on the Australian Federal Police website. The applicant should attach any information or documents that will support the inquiry.

 This will allow the AFP to assess the application with more accuracy. Comparison fingerprints are sometimes required to resolve some disputes. An applicant will receive a notification if the process calls for it.

The Australian Information Commissioner ensures the protection of private information relating to individuals. An individual can contact the Australian Information Commissioner for any concerns about this. The telephone number is 1300-363-992. Applicants can reach the Australian Federal Police through (02) 6140-6502.

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