Monday, March 16, 2020

How to Choose the Right Steam Cleaner for Upholstery

The job of cleaning the upholstery can be done with many steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are multi-tasking home appliances that use steam for cleaning.

 It requires no soap or detergent to remove dirt and grease. The difficult question is, “Which is the best steam cleaner?” The different types of steam cleaners are:

       Steam mop

They are lightweight and easily affordable cleaners that come in the form of a stick filled or attached with water. It is very similar to a vacuum cleaner and much preferred for cleaning floors.

       Hand-held steam cleaners

This is the most affordable upholstery steam cleaner, which is very compact. It can be used for cleaning small size areas.

       Cylinder steam cleaner

It is a combination of both steam and hand-held steam cleaners. It is a bit heavier, yet helps efficiently in cleaning and sanitizing large areas.

       Vapor steam cleaner

It is a bit advanced version of cylinder steam cleaner providing dry and completely clean. Though it is expensive, it can be used when people don’t prefer to wait for the floors to dry.

Apart from the types, the following characteristics determine the above mentioned question.


Though the steam cleaner of the advanced version is preferred, the cost of the same matters. Cleaners at affordable price are desired. As it is a gadget that is used in our day-to-day life and not occasionally, it should be cost-efficient.

       Weight and compactness

However efficient it can work, but space and its weight matter. To handle it easily, the light-weighted cleaner is preferred. For storing with ease, the most compact model is chosen.

       Fitment & supplement

Every steam cleaner has its purpose. But each model might have new accessories. The attachments are used to store water and soap or detergent. The use of such accessories is to clean according to our needs.

       Temperature & force

The force at which it works and maintains the temperature determines the cleanliness level. The more the heat and pressure are produced, the more sanitization it provides. Mostly, the steam cleaners that provide high pressure and temperature are costly.

       Production of noise

Every appliance that we buy is expected to work in silence. Likewise, the decibel of sound produced can be noted and brought at the time of purchase. Usually, a steam cleaner produces less noise than vacuum cleaners.

       Water storage

The capacity of water stored in the steam cleaner must be sufficient enough to induce steam as long as possible. Cylinder and vapor steam cleaner have a quite good storage capacity of water.


In the case of any electronic gadget, its brand plays a major role. Some of the famous brands are:


The surface of the steam cleaner has been designed in various ways to suit different cleaning options. For upholstery, the surface should be flat to enhance convenient cleaning.


From the above discussion, it is evident that the best steam cleaner for the upholstery is a cylinder steam cleaner. Apart from that, the right ones depend upon or convenience, comfort, and affordability.

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