Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Understanding the Impact of Packaging On Purchase Decision Making

As far as branding is concerned, the packaging is the ultimate aspect that will decide the fate of your products. A product that stands out in the hoard of the cluttered supermarket setting is more likely to find more buyers than the one that does not stand out, that would mean as food or pharmaceutical company, you need to find the best ribbed jars supplier.

However, you must understand how the packaging can change the course of your product’s success for good.

The psychology of consumer behavior and packaging:
If you look at the supermarket shelves, you will get overwhelmed by the number of products that the shelves contain. It would not be bragging if someone says that the supermarket can at least carry more than 560,000 SKUs.

Now, that is a staggering number and competing in that cluttered place can be daunting. But before you get down making your decision and bringing better packaging solutions into the scene of your business, you need to know how it impacts.

The first thing is that it is about ‘proximity perception’. Since the customers are closer to the products they are more likely to believe the claims that are made on the product itself rather than advertising.

The advertising can get creative as far as storytelling is concerned but there is always a risk of people doubting the authenticity because the chances of manipulative intent are inherent. That means it can shape the decision-making process of the customers.

Secondly, impulsive buying is not something that exists in void, in fact, it is the very nature of humans and it will be. For instance, a nicely designed product that speaks out loudly about the content and benefit can make a customer make the impulsive decisions as he or she is more likely to find that the product might be useful.

Customer behavior can be greatly impacted by the way you package your products. Hence, it can be advisable that you need a good packaging company that can give you the right packaging solution.

How to get the best packaging solution;

·         The first thing is that you need to do is to find a company that has certification such as FSSC 22000,   ISO 9001:2015, and cGMP. This is the first step that needs to be verified before you look at anything else

·         You need to find a packaging company that is creative and understands the importance of creative execution of our designing and packaging ideas. The company should be able to give creative solution to find how it impacts the decision-making process

·         You need to find a packaging company that is always ready to work within our budget. However, you should and must know whether they have proper experience in dealing with your segment or not

The points that are mentioned can be helpful in finding the best ribbed jars manufacturers in the market that can give you the right kind of jars that you need to ensure that the products are getting enough visibility on the shelves.

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