Friday, May 8, 2020

Air Dancers: What Are They?

Have you ever come across giant inflatable structures at some event, party, carnival or at the entrance of some mall or other such buildings? These giant structures that keep on moving with the flow of air are referred to as air dancers or tube men or sky dancers. Basically, these are similar to other inflatable structures with the difference that these keep on moving in some specific ways and hence give the appearance of dancing of these structures. Numbers of people are curious to know about the air dancer. Let us discuss the same in the current content.

What are air dancers?
An air dancer or sky dancer is basically an advertising product. It is a wacky inflatable arm waving tube man that keeps on dancing in the air. Originally, it was called the Tall Boy and is made from a long fabric tube.
How do air dancers work?
Most people wonder how the air dancers or sky dancers actually work or move. It is worth noting that the long fabric that is used in the form of a tall structure in the shape of a tall man has two or more outlets. These outlets are attached to and are powered by an electrical fan. The air is blown by the electric fan through the fabric tube and hence the sky dancer keeps on moving or dancing.
What air dancers are used for?
As already stated, air dancers are the giant inflatable structures that are used for the purpose of advertising. As an instance, such structures can be used to advertise or promote some business, brand, event, party or some showroom, lately inaugurated mall and so on. Since air dancers are quite big in size therefore these are distinctly noticeable from distance. Hence these structures are used to draw the attention of people or the targeted audience to some event, exhibition, party or inauguration of some important commercial or other types of properties.
How are air dancers useful?
Air dancers are quite big in size and can be used in different types of shapes. The business owners or even other users may prefer displaying the information about their business, products, brand name, organisation or even the event they are going to host on these structures and attract the attendees to the same.
This was all about air dancers. These amazing structures prove to be greatly helpful and useful in a number of ways to the business owners, organizations, institutes or hosts of some events or parties.

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