Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Best Way to Ensure Safe Well Water

If yours is one of the approximately 13 million households relying on well as your households water source, you want to ensure that the water that flows from your taps is safe for you and your family to drink. Obtaining your H2O from a private well has great benefits, not the least of which is that it is virtually free once the well has been dug.
There is a risk, however, of contamination or high levels of naturally occurring substances that can be harmful. Keeping your drinking water safe requires a water filtration systemTampa, as well as regular safety testing.
Install a Quality Water Filtration System
Private wells are not regulated by EPA guidelines; thus assumptions cannot be made about their quality. Waterborne illnesses can lead to some serious health issues. Well water has the potential for contamination from a number of detrimental elements, including:
·         Lead
·         Mercury
·         Chromium 6
·         Arsenic
·         Radon
·         Bacteria
A good water filtration system will remove harmful elements. Well water can also contain substances that are not dangerous but leave a strong odor, unpleasant taste or discoloration. Filtering provides the additional benefit of H2O that smells, tastes and looks better.
Test Your Water Regularly
Even with a good filtration system in place, testing your water consistently is imperative to ensure continued safety. The type of tests you are required to do will depend on your specific location.
Contact your local health department to find out what tests are recommended. They can also give you tips on how frequently you need to check your water’s composition. You can also hire a professional in the area to take care of the process for you.
When you get your household water from a well, you need to be certain that drinking it will not cause harm to you or your family. A good filtration system and regular testing will keep your family safe and provide them with water that tastes good, too.

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