Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Compression socks for varicose veins: Benefits and risks

Varicose is a common health condition where the vein is highly visible in skins surface. If the blood flow is not smooth, then these veins can occur in various parts of the body, such as legs and feet. In some cases, the varicose veins can cause discomfort and can be painful.

Compression socks are specially designed to reduce the visibility of varicose veins and to reduce the pain. Many health advisers suggest that using varicose socks reduces the effects of this condition and improves blood circulation. Now, let us see the benefits and risks of using compression socks for varicose.

How do they work?

Compression socks are usually used to increase blood circulation. The modern-day sophisticated compression socks provide pressure at the right places. These socks provide more pressure in the ankle and feet area. It is suggested that varicose socks can eliminate and treat the condition effectively.

The advantages of using compression socks

Proper support for muscle and joints

Varicose can cause blood clots that make the joints and muscles weak. A compression sock greatly works to support your feet and limbs. If you want to go for a walk or run then wearing this sock can reduce the effects of this condition.

Treats the condition

Varicose can cause swelling and other discomforts mainly in the leg. So, a compression sock is an ideal solution to treat varicose and to reduce the visibility of veins. Overall the compression sock not only reduces swelling but treats varicose.

Provides comfort

The main purpose of wearing a compression sock is comfort. This sock can provide comfort from pain, swelling by improving the blood circulation.

Reduces the risk of blood clots

In some cases, the varicose blood clots can keep on increasing. In this situation, a compression sock is a lifesaver to prevent further blood clotting. By regular use of the sock the varicose condition can be treated.

Fastens the recovery

If you are already recovering from varicose, then fasten up this process by wearing the compression socks. The compression socks help to eliminate the pressure and tension from the legs and limbs. Thus, the socks help you to feel refreshed and healthy.

Enhances circulation

Generally, wearing socks can improve the blood circulation of the body. So, a compression sock is designed in a way to give pressure or to pump the blood to the right places.

Helps in overall well being

The compression socks are advantageous to the body on an overall basis. These socks provide necessary nutrients and pump the blood cells to the right places. Thus, it keeps the blood circulation at the optimal level that contributes to the overall health.

Risks of wearing compression socks

The compression socks can be tight, or it has to be worn for a long time. Therefore, this can cause some external discomforts for the wearer such as

       Skin irritation
       Dry skin
       Dents in skin
       Broken skin


A compression sock works best to reduce the effects of varicose veins. Think about all the benefits and speak to your health adviser about wearing the compression socks.

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