Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rowing Machines: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Its Different Types

Indoor rowing gives you a full-body aerobic workout with only one machine. There is another benefit that most users appreciate. It is the lack of impact that you experience compared to other aerobic activities. Jogging outdoors or using a treadmill machine is not the same as using indoor rowers. They place an orthopedic trauma on your body every time you take a step. There are four distinct types of indoor rowers. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages you should consider.

Hydraulic rowing machine

If space is a concern, you better go with this one. It is also great if you want an affordable indoor rower. Although low-cost, it does not allow you to pull in a straight line.


Affordable. Its price is its biggest advantage. People new to working out or looking for a basic machine only will like the low price of these models.

Compact. This type is great for apartment dwellers. It only needs a small space for storage.

Quiet. Most models of this type will give you a smooth, quiet stroke.


Heat. The pistons become very hot fast. It makes the workout easier the longer you row. The tension becomes loose and is not consistent.

Low-quality. It is functional and practical but not a gym-quality machine.

Air rowing machine

This type provides a more natural, continuous, and smoother rowing stroke. Especially when compared to a hydraulic rowing machine.


Customizable. Your resistance levels depend on how fast and hard you row. You can also use the damper settings to make the rowing action harder or easier.

Smooth. This type has a very smooth stroke action.

Long-lasting. Usage causes very little to no damage or wear.


Noisy. This type is not for people who share living space. The noise can be an issue.

Magnetic rowing machine

It is the most suitable for home use. Even beginners can use this for their fitness goals.


Quiet. The machine generates very little noise even at high resistance levels.

Challenging. It has a wide range of resistance levels.

Less maintenance. This rowing machine does not need too much maintenance.


Non-natural. It does not give a natural feel that simulates rowing on the water. The stroke does not differ no matter how hard you pull.

Water rower

People enjoy the swooshing sound and the calmness of strokes when using this type.


Quiet. The machine is quiet and you can only hear the sound of water swirling around.

Consistent. The smoothness of strokes is the same throughout the resistance.

Space-consuming. This machine needs a reasonable amount of space for storage and usage.

Expensive. Compared to other types, this machine is costly.

Rowing machines are an excellent choice for developing aerobic fitness. They are also great for building a healthy heart. Make sure you check out the different types and models before you make a decision.

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