Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How to Break From Your Cell Phone Addiction

Several people use their cell phones everyday. Some employees are obligated to check their emails and stay in touch with company updates. However, using your phone can impair short-term memory. 

According to a recent study on attention, the average person loses their ability to concentrate after eight seconds. The long-term impact excessive dependence on technology has on the brain is significant. Fortunately, there are ways to control your cell phone use.

Customize Your Screen

Consider changing your smartphone's settings. Before preparing for a meeting that requires your input, turn on airplane mode to prevent notifications from popping up on your device. Simply placing the apps you frequently use into a hidden folder can help increase your productivity, as you'll feel less tempted to procrastinate. On recent models, you're able to turn on grayscale mode to remove alluring color that makes images easier to appreciate.

Focus on Social Interaction

Phones can get in the way of personal one-on-one conversations. A friend or family may have something important to discuss with you, which could be a personal matter they don't want to discuss with others. Text messaging apps don't encourage people to have real conversations in the same way. By limiting your cell phone use, you'll give yourself more time to focus on social interaction. Using messaging apps less frequently will also decrease the phone bill.

Put It Away at Night

It's a good idea to place your phone outside your bedroom at night. The constant barrage of social media and blue light from your smartphone can lead to delayed sleep, wrecking your schedule and turning insomnia into a chronic issue. You should turn off your smartphone one hour before sleep and focus on preparing for the next day.

It can be difficult to unplug when 24-7 news and social media updates are constantly keeping you updated with the latest notification. However, by keeping a few tips in mind, you can make your life easier and free up your schedule for other commitments.

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