Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Why is Linux better than Windows?

According to some experts, Linux is a better option than Windows. Here is a deal for you!

You can check out this explanation and get a thorough understanding of how Linux beats Windows.

There are a few of the advantages that Linux possesses and excel in terms of performance when compared with Windows.

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Linux comes in the form of an open-source project

As Linux arrives in an open-source project, for the reason that this is a preferable option as compared to Windows!

Upon using Linux, you can easily have a look at the details of its source code and that is the bonus point of it.

It does not become an easy target of hacks

Most importantly, Linux is a better and ideal option than Windows because it is not vulnerable to any attacks and hacks.

This is a secure option to go for! Its operating system is extremely secure and powerful.

The presence of process package management and also repositories as well as lots more advanced features make Linux a great choice for us.

Linux can be used on low-end and old computer systems

The catchy part of using Linux is that you can run and function it on any of the low-end and old computer systems.

This possibility is not seen in Windows operating systems! Moreover, if you have an outdated processor, then Linux can run efficiently on it.

We can say that Linux distributions can well be fitted and adjusted on maximum numbers and range of systems.

Linux is an ideal option for programmers

To all programmers out there, using Linux is an ideal choice for you. Most noteworthy, it supports a large number of major programming languages.

Besides, it supports Perl, Ruby, and Java, Python languages. For programming purposes, you can use it all the time.

Moreover, Windows command line does not work in a superior way like we have this Linux terminal line. Lots of programmers have said so that Linux allows them to complete their jobs easily.

Linux offers more software updates to fix any problems

Furthermore, many software updates are offered by Linux to fix any of the minor or major issues.

These software updates are going to tell you how to handle that respective problem or issue wisely.

Linux permits you to customize your system

For tweaking and customizing your system, this option is only given by Linux.

Like, you can install themes and be able to use stunning looking icon themes. It allows you to display and exhibit system information right there on your desktop.

You can customize your wallpapers if Linux is present in your computer system.

Linux has tons of plans, distributions, and packages

Windows do indeed accompany many plans and packages, but in this category as well, it fails to beat Linux.

When using Linux, you can come across with variety and massive numbers of distributions. These distributions and packages are designed according to user needs.

As an example, you may have heard about Linux distributions that are made for hackers, programmers, and also for old computers.

It is completely free to use

The last best and ideal thing about Linux is that it is completely free to use.

This platform is open to the public and you can use it without paying any charges. On the other hand, using the Windows system is not free to use.


You can share with us your thoughts that how you see these Linux and Windows systems! Which one is a winner for you, do let us know.

Besides, more updates and info is going to be published on this platform about Linux so keep connected.

You can tell us whether you use Linux or Windows and how is your overall experience!

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