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What Is ANT Radio Service?

ANT Radio service may be a structure been pre-installed in your phone by the manufacturer. Commonly it is ANT Radio Service on Android that is pre-installed on your android phone as an Android update. It helps the pre-installed communication device to work. These communication devices are already present in your phone. You can say that it's an equivalent as wireless connectivity.

The ANT won't work until the app you're using needs the ANT Radio service to figure. You can install the mobile app of any ANT Radio Service device on your phone. The ANT communication hardware is already present in your phone and tool you need to activate it.

What is ANT Plus?

If your device does not have a pre-installed ANT Radio service, then you can use the ANT products or tools via ANT+ plugins. ANT+ products which will easily connect to ANT services. You cannot launch or delete the ANT+ devices directly without touching them. You can collect as well as transfer data from the apps that have ANT+ activated. For example, if you need to transfer data from a fitness watch, then you need an ANT+ application to do so.

ANT+ compatible devices need a 3rd party android app to run ANT Radio Service on your phone, but it also makes sure that the Bluetooth connectivity is functioning right. However, you'll find that the various plugins don't have any app launch icon. what is ant radio service and what to know in that topic lets see here. Some only run in the background and connect via wireless components.

What Is ANT Radio Service Purpose:

After you understand what's ant radio service next you want to be thinking what's its purpose, The ANT Service uses significantly less power consumption than Bluetooth connection consumes. The ANT radio also can be an unnecessary service if the user isn't using any application that uses the service. Also, it acts as a real-time communicator. When you connect a health or fitness device, it establishes communication between your device and your phone. But this radio service won't have any effect on the network signal of your phone.

Do You need ANT Radio Service?

If you're using devices like fitness watches and health-related devices, then you would like the ANT radio service to attach these devices to your mobile. But suppose you are doing not connect your phone to any ANT radio service devices and don't use any ANT radio service app. The ANT radio service is complete of no use for you, and you'll remove the ANT Radio service from your device.

Installing The ANT Radio Services:

All thought the service comes pre-installed in your android phone, but if it's not in your phone, you'll install it from the Google Play Store as ANT Radio Services or ANT+ Plugins.

Deleting ANT Radio Services:

If you do not use this service, you can easily disable it from your device. You cannot uninstall the service you'll disable it altogether. To delete it you need to follow the directions as per the manufacturer. Also disabling the ANT service won't affect anything on your phone or its process.

ANT Radio Service Benefits and Problems:

There are some benefits and problems with the ANT radio services.


       The ANT service is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all apps.

       When using ANT service, you can side by side monitor and store data also. Like when using a fitness watch, you can monitor and save data while running.

       The ANT radio service is a Universality service that is you can use the devices on all other smartphones also.

       It has a feature of inter-connectivity of sensors and displays.

       It is simple and easy.

       Whenever you are using the ANT function, you create a network in which you master one channel to another. It is a simple method to form a complex structure.


       Although it may consume less battery than Bluetooth, yet it consumes a fair amount of battery.

       Antennas are essential for ANT services, and phones already have them, but they might b interrupted.

       Some users have issues about the ANT service not working when they upgrade their android versions.

Popular ANT Radio Service Apps:

These are some popular ANT radio service apps that use ANT service.

       Garmin Fit

       Run GPS Trainer UV


       Sporty Pal

       Samsung S Health4

       Map MyFitmess

       Map MyRide

       My Tracks

       Sports Tracker by STL

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