Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Maintaining Independence in an Assisted Living Facility

The residential setting for most Sarasota assisted living facilities can range from a purpose-built apartment complex to a recycled hotel or school. The units are usually studios or single rooms that can be furnished or unfurnished and include a private or shared bathroom and kitchen.

The Primary Objective

The main objective of support residence is to allow the maximum degree of independence possible. This independence must be balanced with the risks that it implies. For example, a resident who enjoys cooking, but may not remember to put out the fire, will need some degree of supervision to ensure his own safety and that of the institution as a whole. While this example seems pretty clear, different people will have different opinions about what constitutes an acceptable level of risk.

The Risks

Patients who fall frequently, but who refuse to use a wheelchair or accept help from others, may find that freedom of independent movement outweighs the risk of falling. The assisted living facility may think otherwise. Many institutions have a written hazard agreement, which residents must sign. Before signing any agreement, it is always a good idea to have an attorney review it.


Concern about risks not only limits independence in an assisted living situation but also privacy. In general, the more services the person requires, the less privacy is available to them. It is a matter of a person’s health, capability, and preferences.

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