Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sell courses from your website: Step by Step Guide

Online Course Selling trend continues to grow beyond 2020. Instructors, as well as, course creators have moved to own their own online course websites to sell online courses. This has been easily possible despite zero tech knowledge. 

Thanks to knowledge commerce platforms like Spayee. There is no hassle of setting up a payment system or creating a marketplace. No need to know online coding either. You just need an LMS like Spayee and you are good to go.

Brainstorm profitable course ideas

If you own a skill, hobby or a subject that feeds passion in you, brainstorm those ideas. Be as specific as you want to be and go a little niche as possible. An online course which has a specific niche sells more. For example, ‘Digital Marketing’ is a broad topic, whereas ‘Content Marketing’ is way more specific.

Hence, brainstorm your ideas, then validate it Once you’ve brainstormed different ideas for your course, make sure you have validated it.

Create online course content

Once you are sure of your course idea, make sure you have done proper research on the topic. Researching your course idea & creating your course content, go hand in hand.  Make sure your content focuses on specific pain points. By keeping your content niche-focused, you directly appeal to your audience without wasting their time.

It’s ideal to keep it precise not broad.

Keep your course short and your modules limited. Make sure that by the end of each module, a specific goal is being achieved. They should be clear about what they are getting by investing their time.

Keep a content mix of various formats. You can use multiple formats to keep the course content interesting. Create a fine mix of PDFs, eBooks, Videos lectures, Online Live Classes & audio files. Course platforms like Spayee provide the support of multiple available formats. Throughout the process, try to keep the quality of audio & video intact.

Create your own course website

If you have been struggling to set up the whole website or already have one set up, you must take the easiest & affordable option. You can use website builders to create your course websites, but it’s not at all ideal. Use online course platforms like Spayee with a fixed monthly subscription and get a comprehensive course website with massive features.

The best part is, the whole course platform is reliable & secured. It’s easy to scale your white labelled course website using the course platform with little to no efforts.

Create a sales funnel to sell courses

Building an online sales funnel that works might sound like a complex process, but it’s not. At least not when rightly done. A few basic things must be in place for you in order for your sales funnel to succeed.

Create an awesome landing page: A landing page contains all the details of your online course that helps them make an informed decision. There are various tools like Mailchimp, using which you can create landing pages in a jiffy.

You can different landing pages, in order to serve different purposes.

If you want to gauge the attention of your learners, your landing page must reflect a journey that your target audience will resonate to.

The other purpose of a landing page is to generate leads or asking them to take actions. Having a clear goal in mind & do timely follow-ups with an email sequence of emails & messages.

Drive traffic

Now that your content and sales funnel is in place, you need to drive traffic to your landing pages. You can use Spayee to create customisable & attention-grabbing landing pages.

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Creating an online course involves several nuances that taking an online course platform would surely ease your burden. If you get it done properly, you can reap the rewards in the long run. Creating a course which is relatable to and useful to many would continue to grow. Its rightly said, sharing your wisdom is great for your customers, as well as business.

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