Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Top 3 places where 3d printing technology is used

The 3d technology has created a revolution in the field of printing. By transforming digital images into reality, this technology is making us awestruck with the kind of products it produces.

There are various applications of 3d printing singapore. Here we will see the top 3 areas where it is used these days.

Manufacturing and making prototypes

A prototype is a sample of the main product that a company manufactures that is basically used for testing purposes. 3d printing was mainly introduced for this purpose. Previously to make a prototype was both expensive and a time-consuming process.

With the introduction of 3d technology these prototypes could be produced within a few hours and cost-wise, the best bet. This is also used in manufacturing industries where production is not done on a large scale. 3d printing is less expensive, so even a small volume of products can be manufactured. It is suited to small industries.

Do you know that you could use 3d printing even remotely, without having to invest in a printer? Yes, this is possible through cloud-based processes.

Medical field

The field of medicine has seen a huge use of 3d printing technology. Biomaterials like cells are used to create tissues that resemble a human system. The making of prosthetics can be said to be a great job of 3d printing.

Since the printing costs are lower, accurately designed prosthetics can be made now. The wait time has considerably reduced since the models created online can be printed in minutes and fitted easily.

It is also useful in the field of dentistry. Metal implants that can sync well with the natural bones of the patients can be easily printed and used now.

Tablets that are porous and can quickly dissolve and digest can also be made with the help of 3d technology.

Construction industry

The construction components and even buildings can be made with the help of 3d printing. This has made accurate designing a reality. The result is faster construction of complex designs, reduced labor cost, and lesser wastage.

Large scale 3d printers are available for printing the various parts. These parts of the building can be printed in a shop or office and can be assembled on site.

A real-life example is a house in Russia built using 3d printing where people live to date.

Some other uses of 3d are in the education sector, architecture, design of jewelry etc. While these are a few areas, more and more applications of 3d printing are finding their way in this world.

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