The tests that can help to know status of pregnancy

For every woman, the pregnancy is a time when she feels joy and tension simultaneously. The body prepares itself for a new life,and one can feel the face glowing,but before dreaming much about the baby, it is necessary to check if one is pregnant or not. There are doubtlessly many symptoms that one can take asa sign of pregnancy but to be sure it is necessary to check with the pregnancy detection kit. However, if the kit is not available with one, there are some other options as well as that can help one find if she is going to be a mother soon or not. Here are some of such options that can help one and click here variancetv .

Detection with the help of soap: Soap is one of the commonest items that can be found in almost every home and every area. Hence it can be the best way to find if you are pregnant. The best part of it is one can easily use this option as there is no rocket science in using it to detect the pregnancy. You need to have a piece of soap and keep it in a container. Add some fresh urine to the piece of soap and see the reaction. If you can see the bubbles, it means the test is positive,and you can soon expect baby items at home.

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Detection with the help of Tuna Juice and Vinegar: The items tuna juice and vinegar are also commonly used in many homes. They are also easy options to detect if you are pregnant or not. To carry out the test, you can add ahalf cup of tuna juice to the same amount of vinegar. Now add fresh urine to the mix in the same amount. Leave the mix of all three contents for a few minutes. The variation in colour will be noticed. You can take it as apositive result if the same turn to greenish and if it turns as yellowish it means you yet need to be blessed with ababy.

Test with barley and wheat seeds: The use of wheat seeds and barley is also a common one to find out if you are pregnant or not. Usually, they are the items commonly available at home,and if one does not have them, one can get them easily from thenearby shop also. To check the pregnancy, you need to add acupful of barley seeds with wheat seeds. Also, add fresh urine to the mix of these seeds. Leave the mix for some days and check if the seeds sprout. The sprouting of the seeds lead to positive results,and if they remain same, it means you are not pregnant.

Test with wine:  It is a surprising fact that wine can also help to check if you are pregnant or not. You just need to have half of the cup of wine and add anequal amount of fresh urine. Stir the liquid well and leave the cup for almost ten minutes. If the colour of the wine-urine mix is changed be sure that you are blessed with ababy and if the colour remains same you can assure that there is no change in your present state of health. You can visit over thefogut article writing service for such informative articles.

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