Friday, August 16, 2019

4 Uses for Heavy Duty Plate Casters

Caster wheels are used, in general, to make items more mobile. These wheels can be attached to almost anything to make it easier to push, steer and lock into place. There are some specific uses you can have for them whether your projects are for industrial, office, home or hobby.


One of the most common uses for heavy duty plate casters in an industrial setting is to move heavy equipment around. Whether the casters are on the equipment itself or on a cart, having wheels available to move equipment from one side of the factory to another can save on time, labor and injuries. This is especially true if the casters have locks for when the item is not moving.


The most common place to find caster wheels in an office setting is on the bottom of office chairs, you can also find them on desks, carts and printers to help you move new equipment in, rearrange the workspace or even just repair hard-to-reach components. When you are setting up your office, you are probably looking for the most cost-effective items and not the ones which are easiest to move around, but it can be easy to add wheels to most items yourself if needed.


Whether you already have your furniture on casters or are looking to do it yourself, this can be a good way to give your items some height, move them around for easy cleaning and arranging and even change the profile of a piece. For instance, if you have a box that you want to turn into an end table but it is too short, then you can add casters to one end to give it a couple more inches in height as well as add a more finished look to the piece.


Casters are much more useful in hobby crafts than you may initially think. If you walk into the workspace of home or professional hobbyists you are likely to find wheeled chairs, carts and supply bins. Some of these can be found with wheels already attached and some will have had them added later to fit the needs of the hobbyist.
You can find a variety of caster wheels for your needs, some already attached to the equipment or furniture you need to be moved. These wheels can be rated for heavy equipment or for light-weight storage bins and can be added aftermarket to suit your needs.

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