Computerized Sewing Machine Advantages & Disadvantages

If sewing is your thing, then you must have questioned yourself whether to buy a simple, old-school, mechanical sewing machine or get yourself a fancy computerized one. There are pros and cons of every item ever made. Which outweighs which, that's for you to decide. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of computerized sewing machines.


Built-in programs and automatic features

These machines don't need the user to do any manual task at all; the work is done automatically. All the stitching and related work is done by the machine itself. Some automatic features include automatic threading, up and downshift of the needle, thread cutting, thread tension, etc.

Assortment of Stitches

There are loads of sewing options to choose from. Various patterns and stitches to mix things up! Designs, symbols, and letters are also available in some of them. When you select an option, the work is done within minutes.


Since the machine does all the work and the user doesn't need to work, it is a huge time saver! Also, computerized sewing machine completes a given task much faster than a mechanical sewing machine.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Computers are much more reliable than humans when it comes to accuracy. Unlike sewing machines that are run mechanically, computerized sewing machines work faster and more accurately than humans. If you select a pattern or design, it will be sewn in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Use

The built-in sewing options are easy to use and very user-friendly. You can take up more projects in less time, as the sewing is done set to your comfort and ease, and the stitching is done efficiently every time.

Easy Controls

Computerized sewing machines are super-easy to use and completely reliable too. The stitching options and designs can be selected easily. There is no complicated set of steps to be followed. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can do it.

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They are costlier than the mechanical ones, because of their automatic features and easier application. Not everyone can afford them. Your budget needs to be on the higher side to be able to afford a computerized sewing machine.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is familiar with computers and programs. The settings of these machines require knowledge of computers. Workers who don't know how to use a computer or how to select options and features from the programs available in the machine have no use out of them.

Automatic Controls

They come with an automatic thread tension controller. Sometimes, the worker should adjust the thread tension on their own because they know what item of clothing requires what level of thread tension. This can't be adjusted when you're using a computerized machine.

Cost of Repairing

Since these come with touch screen controls and automatic features, the cost of repairing a computerized sewing machine is higher than a mechanical one. Also, there are a lot of places around town that repair a regular mechanical sewing machine, but it isn't very easy to find a place that repairs a computerized one.

If you are inclined towards perfection with less to no manual effort, this is the product for you. With basic knowledge of computers, these machines can come in handy and save a huge portion of your time. But if you like the old-school way of stitching, ditch these. What you're more comfortable with, is ultimately your choice.

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