Styles in Illustrations

There are several styles of illustrations found in the world of book illustrations right from concept art to advertising to comics. You might want to learn about these different kinds of children's book Illustration styles if you are anywhere related to the publishing of books or are in the world of advertising. These come in quite handy when people want to work with an illustrator. You will be able to express yourself well when you know a little bit about their world. There are two types of illustrations widely used in the modern world that are freehand illustrations and vector graphics which are quite visible in cartoon networks these days.

Concept Art

Concept art is a type of illustration where artists get involved in fantasy illustrations or illustrations for games and animations or one-page fine illustrations. This concept was introduced in the 1930s by Disney. Then the second time it was used in the automotive industry. In this kind of illustrations, the artist creates several types of interpretations of certain themes and the client chooses the one that best suits his requirements. It consists of different stages like development and creation of illustration. Some of the well-known concept illustrators are - Melody Cywinski, Morgan Yon, Thierry “Brunetiere” Doizon, Feng Zhu.

Children’s Book Illustrations

Children's books suit different age groups and could be very diverse. It can be right from realistic to full detailed illustration or very simplified childlike illustration. It could also include naive drawings like a non-artist would have done it. It could be colorful and self-narrating and always depicting some action as children would interpret it. All the characters in picture book illustrations styles are quite interesting and cute and friendly. Some of the illustration artists of children book illustrations are - Karl James Mumford, Teagan White, Denis Surkov.

Comics/ Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels are mostly about images. They communicate the whole concept with the help of images with a little bit of text underlining the concept or in the form of a dialogue. Comics are a sequence of images and texts in speech balloons or captions or just sound effects. The size and arrangement of these panels contribute towards the narration of the event, often cartoonists help us create these kinds of illustrations. Some of the famous comic book illustrators are - Arielle Jovellanos, Brian Bolland, Frank Miller.

Books / Publications / Editorial

Many luxury books or geographical books rich in illustration have hand-painted illustrations that are then printed in the final copy. These kinds of illustrations are also found in some historical books. This kind of work is unique and expensive. It requires special knowledge of the technique that depends on the vision of the author and the subject of the book. They try to also have an eye-catching cover which would attract its readers to flip the book to know its content. It could even raise the end revenue of the author, so they especially invest in these kinds of illustrations if required. Some of the famous illustrators whose work on such a book illustration you would like to see are - Khoa Lee, Shaun Tan, Alison Jay.
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