Wednesday, March 17, 2021

University of Phoenix and the Rise of Automation


Automation has changed the workplace. Robots might not be taking over jobs, but soft skills are now becoming much more important than hard skills in many positions. Employees should pursue training to increase their soft skills and knowledge in order to offer something beyond tasks that can be accomplished by automation.

Automation simplified many basic tasks, allowing workers to spend more time on complex issues. In order to take advantage of that freedom, employees should be pursuing the creative, personable and agile capabilities that are valuable in a tech-supported world.

One example of how automation can support employee tasks is demonstrated by Walmart. When Walmart saw industry shifting toward technology and automation, they reversed their stance on using phones at work. Rather than continue to ban cell phones, they encouraged employees to use their phones to check inventory. With their new app, employees can simply scan barcodes to review inventory, other store availability, or item prices. They can also search specific items to find their location in the store. This same feature is now available to the customers, reducing how often people need to ask employees for help.

This frees up Walmart employees to do tasks that are less easily automated such as offering customer service, speeding up checkout lines or keeping shelves well stocked. For sales and marketing employees, automation reduces time spent responding to individual customer actions such as sending out welcome emails for new accounts or recommending upsell items.

Every industry has been touched by advancements in automation. Where employees know how to harness that power, they can be more efficient and effective. This requires a cutting-edge education. Institutions such as University of Phoenix offer online courses to students who need flexibility without sacrificing the quality of their education. More universities have taken University of Phoenix’s lead and begun offering online education options, helping businesses and their employees keep up with the rise in automation and other technological advances.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix first opened in 1976 as a community brick-and mortar university. In 1978, the University became the first to offer a full online bachelor’s and master’s degree program. The school is well-known for its online offerings and became accredited in 1989. University of Phoenix is designed for underserved working adults who need flexibility and offers 50 different undergraduate degrees. The University awarded t over 24000 diplomas to undergraduates in 2019.

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