Thursday, May 27, 2021

Amenities of using Woolen Muffler in Winters


Wool mufflers are such a higher wearer. It is the icing on the cake for the manufacturer, but also for carrying parents. Wool is an amazing material. Natural because neither cannabis nor our ancestors could offer as much warmth as wool. Nature gave the wool to the sheep so that they would not freeze in harsh winters. Between its hollow and twisted fibers, it maintains its own microclimate - in winter the wool retains your heat and is extremely warm to the touch, while it is still breathable, when you sweat, you will not be left with moisture closed like in plastic. And even if such a situation happens, the wool gets wet, even though the wet does not get cold, it still tends to maintain your body heat. In addition, the wool is naturally antibacterial, non-creasing. Absolutely ideal properties for mufflers for children to wear.

But wool also has its complications. 

Woolly biting is a well-known term, you may have already encountered it - a woolen muffler for ladies that cuts directly in the face, a sweater from your grandmother, which you carefully straighten so that there is always and everywhere a layer of other clothes between you and him, because otherwise it's hell. Muffler manufacturers do not use such yarn, they choose the finest from a number of different types of wool, but it is still not a muffler like a muffler and then it depends on individual sensitivity and sensitivity - there are people who can't stand wool at all, even if it is the most subtle even in the most wavy woolen muffler, they don't even feel any biting. 

Wool is also generally more difficult to maintain, wash, care for the muffler. Today, there are special adjustments to the yarn so that it is not prone to shrinkage. Even so, manufacturers usually recommend the most gentle and careful hand washing.  

Due to these demands, I do not recommend woolen mufflers to beginners when choosing their first and only muffler for the family. But that doesn't mean I don't recommend them to advanced! If wearing is your passion, wool is definitely worth a try. Because everything has to be tried and it is quite possible that you will love the wool :) 

Muffler provides a smooth touch

At the very top of the product is a Men’s wool muffler. Muffler slings include wool in the wraps quite regularly, in each muffler in a slightly different proportion to the other yarns. Each muffler is so unique. There is the one of my photos that is a bit stiffer to feel like new thanks to the broken weaving, but you can't feel the bitingness at all, but the fluffiness is obvious against the other compositions, a few clogs and it will be a great muffler. 

And this is, for example, a muffler in which you would not recognize the wool, perhaps only thanks to the hair, which is very pleasant and velvety right from the factory. This is perhaps one of the wool exceptions that even beginners could recommend

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