What are 5 things Winnipeg is famous for

Winnipeg is located at the heart of Canada. The place is also known to be the geographical center of North America. The population of the place is under a million people. 

The place sits at the junction of the red rivers and the place is also very well known as the meeting place. 

The place is often referred to as the peg. Winnipeg is known to be the coldest cities and the best to spend an amazing time. The diverse culture, the food, the professional sport you get to enjoy here everything is so impressive.


Festival Du Voyageur

The place is one that attracts the largest winter festival and there are more than 100,000 visitors from around the world that are attracted to the place. You can embrace a Canadian winter here and there is a 10 day celebration that you can enjoy here. The festival is a combination of both the indoor and the outdoor activities. You can vibe to the live music here, the magnificent sculptures and some French Canadian cuisine as well.


This is a multicultural festival that is enjoyed by people a lot. Here you can enjoy the diverse cultures of the place. It is the longest running festival and is regarded to be one of a kind. The event is of two weeks and is regarded to be very famous and enjoyable. The ethnic cuisines, the warm hospitality of the place that you can enjoy is impeccable. There are around 40 pavilions from which you can choose.

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Jazz fest

The jazz fest is an immersive music event that is regarded to be the best. Urban entertainment is always followed here. You can enjoy the live performances and there are both the local as well as the international artists here. The festival kicks off the four day free show. So, grab your friends for the event and enjoy the musical show.

Winnipeg folk festival

The festival is regarded to be the most popular summer festival. The music event is held at the Birds hill Provincial park. There are various famous musicians that you’ll get to see here.  You can camp on the festive grounds and enjoy the best food from the local vendors as well. The festival gathers up to 70 artists and there are various collaborative performances that you can enjoy here.

Canadian museum

The place is the first museum which is dedicated to history. The first museum that was built outside Canada's capital region. The place is an amazing landmark and there are various stories to tell and explore. The museum even encourages reflection, exploration and conversation as well.

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