The story of my first bong purchase

Like any other smoker, I decided to improve my style and try my hand at making a bong. Easy to ride and smoke. But when it comes to inhaling herbs through a bong, things can get a little overwhelming. I explored the earth and the sky. Why spend so much time and effort on purchasing a smoking device? This is because they are expensive. Plus, I didn't want to get stuck with the wrong one. This is the story of my first bong. So try here it is…

The story of my first bong: Research, research, research!!!!

Yeees!!! That's how I started. There are many opportunities to buy it. However, I decided to go the online route. Visiting regular stores one after another would take up too much of my time. However, I visited one just to see what the water pipes looked like and held one in my hands to get a feel. So, my research revealed the following tips:

  1. Use and storage. Before I rushed out to buy one for myself, I decided I needed one that was portable. Not too big and not too small. The size is just right for me and the apartment. Additionally, my handset is intended for indoor use only. Therefore, decisions must be made on factors such as size, portability, use and storage. If you share your apartment, don't invest in a giant pipe. If you spend time outdoors, choose something that is portable.

  2. Hush hush!!! “"I also plan to use my water pipe as an exhibit." So discretion was not my criterion. But if it is yours, then choose a small one, otherwise hiding the bong will become a difficult task.

  3. Maintenance – I take care of the things I buy. Even so, cleaning water pipes and their accessories can be a challenging task. Thus, the choice fell on the basic bong. If you feel like you can handle different parts and maintain them frequently, choose something that is stylish and sophisticated. Attention: all smoking devices require regular cleaning. So, if you are a lazy guy, you will have to buy a new one very often.

  4. Educate yourself. I must have seen a lot of videos on YouTube about using and handling bongs. They are as complex as they seem. That's why so much research is needed. There's really no end to it. There are thousands of different types available. Choosing one can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is necessary to educate yourself before purchasing.

  5. Test drive - no, not a car, but a bong. I was too unsure of what type I needed. The flooding of the market also did not help matters. So, I decided to use my friends' tubes to choose the one I wanted. This exercise will help you decide whether you like heavy or simple hits or prefer concentrates to herbs? Test driving a few of them helped me. Remember I bought the tool online? You can't try them virtually.

  6. My material. I wanted to get the most out of my bong, so I chose a glass one. Since I will mostly be using it indoors, I might purchase a glass piece. However, there are plenty of other unbreakable materials for hobbyists. Silicone and metal are durable. Plastic is actually cheaper. If you can compromise on taste, it can't hurt to invest in a durable option. Ceramic is another beautiful material. Bongs made from it look fascinating. However, they are just as fragile as those made of glass.

  7. Budget – this is where I had to do a lot of searching. Remember this article is about the story of my first bong? So I chose a piece that wouldn't take me outside. The first one is not the only one. There will be more smoking devices in my life. Once I get the hang of using it, I can buy a more complex version. Silicone ones are pretty cheap. If you're unsure of your preferences, try choosing a cheaper option before spending any money.

What have I learned?

The entire process of buying a bong is a feat in itself. It's not like buying clothes online. Thorough research has been devoted to this one. I have completed the necessary steps. I spent hours browsing online stores. I told my friends about their experience using the plumbing. Visited the store and received information from the seller. Narrowed down my choices based on the above tips. First of all, I bought the one that had the most positive reviews. I confidently placed my online order and waited patiently for it to be delivered to my doorstep.

The final act

Once I received my newly acquired item, I couldn't wait to put it all together and try out my smoking device. I carefully arranged all the pieces, added the water, herbs and let it smoke. Mind you, I still needed to refer to some YouTube videos that taught me more than any book. It's easier when someone hands you a ready-made bong and all you have to do is use it. But when it comes to putting your own piece together, it takes skill. Skills I learned through various sources. Additionally, I also learned how to keep my glass bong clean and last at least up to its value. Once again, it's video tutorials to the rescue. These have become a regular feature in my daily life.

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