Innovative Team Building Ideas in London

In today’s fast-paced business environment, finding innovative team building activities that not only enhance cooperation and communication but also promote social responsibility is a challenge many organizations face. Active360 offers a unique solution with its "Paddle and Pick" initiative, a standout among team building ideas in London that merges paddle boarding with environmental clean-up efforts along London’s waterways.

Why Choose "Paddle and Pick" for Your Team Building Event?

Active360’s "Paddle and Pick" initiative offers more than just a chance to learn paddle boarding — it integrates physical activity with environmental consciousness, providing a meaningful team building experience that has a positive impact on the community. This dual-focus approach not only enhances team spirit but also instills a shared sense of purpose and responsibility towards the environment.

Benefits of "Paddle and Pick" Team Building

Enhancing Team Cohesion: Learning a new skill together, such as paddle boarding, naturally fosters teamwork and helps strengthen interpersonal relationships within the team.

Improving Communication: As team members navigate the waters, effective communication is essential. This activity helps enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills among participants.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing: Paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise that improves balance, strength, and overall fitness, contributing positively to the team’s health.

Contributing to Environmental Conservation: By removing trash from the waterways, the team actively contributes to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems, enhancing team pride and satisfaction.

What to Expect During the "Paddle and Pick" Session

Active360 has designed the "Paddle and Pick" sessions to be accessible for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned paddlers, can participate effectively. Here’s what the session typically involves:

Introduction and Training: The session starts with a brief introduction to paddle boarding, including basic techniques and safety procedures, ensuring that all participants feel confident and secure.

The Cleanup Activity: Armed with nets and bags, teams paddle along designated routes to collect floating debris and litter from the water. This activity is not only environmentally beneficial but also adds an element of challenge and fun to the experience.

Team Challenges: Throughout the event, teams face various challenges that require collaboration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, enhancing team dynamics and leadership skills.

Reflection and Discussion: Post-activity, teams engage in a guided discussion to reflect on their experiences, lessons learned, and the environmental impact of their efforts.

Organizing a "Paddle and Pick" Event

Planning a "Paddle and Pick" team building event with Active360 is straightforward. Interested organizations can contact Active360 directly through their website to discuss details such as group size, event timing, and specific requirements. Active360 provides all necessary equipment, including paddle boards, paddles, safety gear, and cleanup tools, making the event hassle-free for participants.

Tailoring the Experience

Understanding that each team is unique, Active360 offers customization options for the "Paddle and Pick" sessions. Companies can choose the duration of the activity, the level of difficulty of the paddle boarding route, and specific focus areas for the cleanup based on the team’s interests and goals.

Impact on Team and Community

The impact of participating in an activity like "Paddle and Pick" extends beyond just a day out on the water. Teams leave with enhanced skills, a greater appreciation for the environment, and a memorable experience that reinforces the value of teamwork and community service. Moreover, these events help raise awareness about environmental issues, inspiring continued involvement and advocacy among participants.


In conclusion, Active360’s "Paddle and Pick" initiative stands out as an innovative and impactful option among team building ideas London. It offers teams the opportunity to grow together, both personally and professionally, while making a tangible difference in the environment. For companies looking to enhance team dynamics, promote health, and contribute positively to the community, "Paddle and Pick" provides an ideal solution.
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