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Types of Natural Flooring Available For Your Home and Office

Use of natural flooring is always the best idea to decorate any place. Flooring i.e. rugs and carpets made of natural fibers has proved to be more durable as compared to those made of nylon, synthetic and other artificial fibers. This is one of the main reasons that more and more interior decorators and homeowners are opting for natural flooring. Although the majority of carpets available in the market is made partly from natural fiber and partly from artificial fiber, yet there are chances that you will find 100% natural flooring. They are preferred by many people for their sustainability, environmental-friendly nature, rich natural color and lavish texture.

Following are the natural fibers which have maximum demand: -

Wool Rugs

Wool is the most commonly used natural fiber in case of rugs and carpets. It is a soft and durable material to use. It can take heavy traffic with minimal wear and tear. Also, it is resistant to dust, stain, and fire. Few spills of water will do no harm but wool carpets aren’t made for the wet area as they can invite mildew and mould. 

They are best when it comes to insulating homes as they can maintain and hold air. That’s why they are most preferred at the time of winter. Also, they are sound proof. 

Woolen carpets can be 100% natural but they are also made by mixing wool and synthetic fibers. 

Seagrass Carpets

These carpets are made from reed like grass. These carpets are absolutely water and stain resistant. The fiber is smooth and little lustrous. However, seagrass has a disadvantage in terms of colors. You won’t find many options in colors. Moreover, the fiber cannot be dyed, so you will find a seagrass carpet only in natural color. They are highly durable and easy to maintain which makes them a good choice for heavy traffic area.

Coir Carpets

Coir, a fiber made out of the husk of the coconut, is a great choice as an alternate for eco-friendly flooring. Sustainable fibers are woven to turn them into carpets. Since they are resistant to dust, moisture, water, mould and mildew, they are perfect for heavy traffic and wet areas. Moreover, they are free from any pesticides and chemicals; therefore, they become fit for a place where people allergic to dust and prone to asthma reside. 

Coir carpet will go a long way even with little maintenance, all you have got to do is clean it using the vacuum and it is good to go. In the case of the spill of water, wipe it off with a clean cloth piece. One of the disadvantages of coir carpet is that the material is coarse and not preferable for the soft and smooth skin.

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