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FCPX Pro Plugins for Fresh Video Editors

A lot of video editors right now like outing filters on videos to make it seem more dramatic. Just like in photos, we have a lot of different apps that we could use to put filters on it. In videos, there is what we call plugins and it is a lot like those apps.

There are many sites that offer free final cut pro plugins. Of course, making sure that these are enough effects for the theme of the video that you will be making. There are different effects and themes that you would want to choose for the video that you’ll be making so it’s better to make sure that you have many options.

10 Essential and Must Have FCPX Pro Plugin:
  1. Color Finale- With this plugin, you have a full color grading suite with LUTs, RGB Curves, and 3 Way Color Wheel. All of these settings can be adjusted right within the Final Cut timeline.
  2. CoreMelt: Lock & Load X- Need a powerful and easy-to-use stabilizer in FCPX? Then look at CoreMelt’s Lock & Load. Up to 12 times faster and more accurate than the FCPX built-in stabilizer, it’s a must-have for any editor.
  3. mTransition Plugin Back- MotionVFX brings us this easy-to-use plugin for lightning-fast edits. The transitions range from film grain scratches to burns and lens flares. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, this 50-pack boosts the production value of your content, while saving you editing time.
  4. Audio DeNoise- Instead of wasting valuable editing time trying to bring down noise in the background, this relatively cheap plugin automatically removes or reduces noise with a simple drag-and-drop. This plugin will save you hours while still allowing you to customize the audio as you see fit.
  5. FxFactory Pro- FxFactory Pro is a solid Final Cut Pro X plugin toolbox that comes with a whole host of different features for transitions, effects, and color adjustments. You can buy many of the tools from Pro as individual plugins at at much smaller price point, but Pro offers them all bundled together for a fairly discounted price.
  6. mVertical- There’s only so much you can do to make the footage shot on a phone appealing and integrate it into your edit. MotionVFX is here to save the day with a free plugin that allows you to add different types of background to the vertical footage filling up the screen. You have three options to choose from for the background: scale, mirror, or copy. In addition, you can alter the background however you’d like by setting its motion, blur, or opacity.
  7. mObject- mObject is FCPX and Motion 5’s version of Element 3D for After Effects. MotionVFX has created a solid software that gives you a wide range of capabilities in working with 3D Objects in FCPX and Motion 5.
  8. Primatte Keyer- Red Giant has a whole host of plugins compatible with FCPX, but we think Primatte Keyer is one of their best. While we like Keylight in After Effects much better, Primatte does the job for FCPX users.
  9. Feature Overlays- The biggest selling point for this free FCPX plugin is the absolute necessity of these overlays for editors submitting their work to other post production departments. Adding a header, a label, and two timecode accounts for the various VFX, sound, and other editorial departments is easy. In addition to adding the timecode, you can customize the size and color to work with whatever guidelines you’re being asked to follow.
  10. Colorista III- If you’re not a fan of Color Finale, then try another Red Giant Final Cut Pro X plugin called Magic Bullet Colorista III. It’s an extremely powerful color grading plugin with 3 Way Color, Curves, and a Keyer for color isolation.
These effects help you become a professional editor especially if you have a good eye. With the right mix of these effects, you’ll be good to go.

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