Monday, October 16, 2017


Bauer radio has a wide range of radio brands one of which is the leading the Hits radio. It is a UK based platform that broadcasts from Castle field, Manchester. It is offered for free with experienced anchors and professional broadcasters intending to promote latest talent.

Its programs are aired under The hits branding online and on TV. Its popularity is so huge that it has been the right hand for Bauer city 3 networks in main cities of the UK like Scotland and England. It started functioning from April 1st 2003 with Heat radio, Kerrang radio, kiss, Magic and Planet rock. It is aired with the slogan THE HITS FOR THE UNITE KINGDOM. Its frequency in various cities is 11B Liverpool and Humberside, 11c in Manchester and Glasgow, 12A in Lancashire and 12B in Edinburgh and Leeds. It is webcasted by Radio player and the website is
Though in between it was withdrawn from DAB in London to give a way to its sister concern Absolute radio, it is now decided to familiarize it with the same old name “The hits”.   Internet radio free streaming enables high quality audibility which is required for top end channels like this.
The following is the Internet radio software used:
·         The first pre-requisite is Broadband internet connection of 250 kbps- 300 kbps. It can be connected through the Ethernet port which is located behind the computer. You don’t need wireless connection for streaming.
·         To connect audio to sound board:
You will find a Line in jack behind the PC.  Audio connection can be done with the help of this by simply connecting it to the jack.
·         Source from which audio be heard:
The connected audio can be heard either from a PC automation or sound board.
Hardware requirements:
The standard requirements are not anything less than:
·         Dual core processor
·         Windows vista 7 or 8.
·         2 GB RAM
·         Device with audio capture
How to set up encoder?
Decide what encoding software you want to use to send audio on the streaming computer. Then download it . If your automation system is inbuilt with encoding software then download is not necessary.
 Apart from this, installing a fine Internet radio tuner also helps in better audio experience and brings audio content from your broadband to your PC.
Channel’s variation in music:
The hits channel offers myriad variety of music, interviews with celebrities, music news, showbiz and schedules of music programmes. You can stay updated with the latest happenings in the music world with just connecting to the internet or downloading app.
It also encourages its listeners participate in exclusive events and shows and win prizes in various forms like head phones, cash prizes or holiday tickets. There are many online stations that you can find on their website like Absolute 60s, Absolute 70s, Radio city2, Radio city walk.
So stay tuned to this channel if you want to be a hard core world class music lover.

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