Thursday, November 23, 2017

Explore the Share Market with a Plan from Wisdom Capital

When you buy shares and securities, you must hold them in a digital form. So, you use a dematerialized account (Demat account). So, you as the investor do not take physical possession of the certificates. At the time you register with the investment broker, you will open a Demat account.
Use of a Demat account

So, the Demat account is where you hold the stocks and shares in digital form. The trading account is where you make the trades. The trading account is with the broker who allows you access to the trading platform. To open your Demat account, you must follow these three steps.

 Buy mutual funds through the stock exchange thorough your trading account.
Submit a request to your Depository Participant (DP) to convert the existing Mutual Fund units.
Submit your Demat account details to the Asset Management Company (or the Registrar and Transfer Agent).

To know which the Best Demat Account in India is, you have to make comparisons. The first thing to check is the brokerage. You must try to get one with the lowest brokerage. Among the top five discount brokers, you have SAS Online and Wisdom Capital as the ones to reckon with. SAS Online scores over Wisdom Capital in that it offers monthly plans. But, why do you need monthly plans? You can use one of the three plans offered by Wisdom Capital – Freedom Plan, Pro Plan, and the Ultimate Plan.

Freedom plan from Wisdom Capital

The Freedom Plan is a zero brokerage plan across all the segments – BSE, NSE, MCX, and FNO. The Freedom Plan is a free for lifetime plan. They started this with the idea of encouraging investment in India. You have free Demat account and no activation charge. There is no catch, it is absolutely free and the brokerage is zero. This makes Wisdom Capital so attractive for the new investors.

The transaction/turnover charges vary slightly between SAS Online and Wisdom Capital. They both charge Rs 325 per crore for Equity Delivery and Equity Intraday. For the Equity Futures, Wisdom Capital charges Rs 340 per crore while SAS Online charges Rs 250. In both the next two categories Equity Options and Currency Futures, Wisdom Capital charges are lower at Rs 5500 per crore and Rs 135 per crore respectively. The other company charges Rs 6500 and Rs 165 respectively.

The NEST Terminal

If you have doubts about which the Best Demat Account in India is, you must consider a few more things. This is the trading platform that Wisdom Capital gives you. You can also use the NEST trader, a functional trading terminal to execute fast orders. They allow real time monitoring. This is simple and easy to use and does not have any attached charge.

Also, it is available across the desktop, the mobile, and the web so you can switch the platform to suit your convenience. You can trade in all segments MCX Commodities, NSE Cash, Currency, and F&O. This is due to the advanced features available on the NEST terminal such as NEST Plus, MIS, CO, Algo Plugin, and more. All the three plans are free for lifetime. 

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