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Smart Options Now with Nootriments for You

Among doctors, nootropics are known as neurometabolic stimulants (in the west - smart drugs). They are used in many fields of medicine - psychology, neurology surgery and others. Nootropic drugs that improve the nutrition and circulation of the brain are classified as medicines that improve the activity of the higher mental functions of the brain.

Great Options For the Drugs

Nootropics are assigned to a separate pharmacological group. The first open nootropic is Piracetam (1963), which gave rise to a branch of "racets". He became the main competitor for psychostimulants, but he had no side effects (addiction, exhaustion, psychomotor agitation, intoxication), which they sinned. The new synthesized drug improved memory, attention, helped to concentrate better. At the dawn of its existence, a new medicine was used to treat brain dysfunction in the elderly. In 1972, a new designation was proposed - "nootropism". Now piracetam is known under the trade name Nootropil. However, the mechanism of its action has not yet been studied thoroughly. With Nootriment this is a very important work.

Smart Options

The active substances of nootropic drugs penetrate well through the myelin barrier of nerve fibers. In the neuron, there is an increase in metabolism, bioenergetic and bioelectric processes and neurotransmitter exchanges are accelerating. In the nerve cell, the concentration of adenylyl cyclase, noradrenaline, increases; more actively produced ATP (even in conditions of lack of oxygen), GABA and dopamine. The work and release of the mediator serotonin is faster, glucose is more efficiently utilized. Due to these processes, the body receives a stimulating effect on cognitive functions, for which nootropics have been given the additional name "stimulants of cognition". In addition to positive changes in the nerve cell, neurostimulants improve microcirculation and blood flow in the brain.

What Are these Drugs

Nootropics are a double-edged sword for the work of the brain. Their reception with observance of all instructions will have a favorable effect. However, if you depart from the prescriptions of doctors at least a step, this can lead to an increase in the symptoms of the disease for which the drug is prescribed, or to have a negative effect on cognitive functions.

The Usage

It should be remembered that the drug that stimulates brain activity should be used only after certain conditions are met. The first thing to do is to consult a neurologist. After a positive verdict is received from the doctor, you should prepare your body for taking nootropics. This preparation consists in a kind of laying the foundation on which the building of effective influence of the brain stimulant will be erected. This foundation is the vitaminization of the body, in which the necessary substances, when taking nootropics, will reach the brain at a molecular level faster and more efficiently, which will allow the stimulator to better assimilate. Vitaminization includes the following substances and natural complexes:

The relation of the coryphaeus of medicine to nootropics is fanned with doubts and uncertainties. Numerous clinical trials of nootropics have been carried out so far, but this pharmacological group has not been able to gain a foothold in the status of drugs with proven efficacy. Observations of specialists made it possible to draw a number of more or less firm conclusions with respect to the following preparations.

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